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[TUTORIAL] INI color tweak [PIC]

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    Originally posted by 100GPing100 View Post
    Good news everyone!

    I'm using C++ inside UT3 to create a new PostProcessNode that will multiply the values from the level by the values you gave, instead of replacing the values in-game by the ones you gave.

    This is even better than the last progress, it will allow me to do what is required from the beggining.

    This will also allow me to add real HDR (High Dynamic Range) to the game instead of the fake bad looking one I had created before.
    That sounds awesome!!! Please keep us posted!


      It seems that UT3 won't accept C++ because for that I would need to create a native class, and it seems that ain't allowed by the game.

      I've contacted Flak and she gave redirected me to weephun, but I still didn't got a reply from him since I sent the message a week ago.

      I'll wait 1 more week or so, if I get no response I'll ask Flak if there is anyone else I can talk with.


        I'm still waiting for a response from Jeff Wilson. I'll wait 1 more week or so, if I don't get a response, I'll try a difrent way.


          I think I gave enough time for Jeff Wilson to be able to respond to my e-mail. Since he didn't respond, I'll start thinking in a way of doing this.


            Jeff Wilson did not reply to my e-mail. I am not going to bother Flak with this anymore, so I'll just work every day all day until I find a solution.

            Changed some text colour in first post (it wasn't visible with the new theme).


              Really excited for this!!! Keep up the great work GPing!


                OK, so I just gave this a try finally and I'm shocked. It's awesome, pure and simple! I quickly went through most of the stock maps and pretty much all of them look significantly better IMO (i'm using HC profile). I'm also very happy that some of the maps lose their "ALL IS BLUE" tint or "ALL IS GREEN". Yea, those maps may lose their individuality, but its worth it I think. In any case, if you can make this ini color tweak even better by adding some sort of HDR and maybe fixing some maps that become too dark or too bright, this should be packaged and sold!

                Also, call me crazy, but does this make the game run better too? I'm assuming because of the loss of bloom and DOF (WHICH I LOOOOOOOOOVE).

                Anyway, like I said, can't wait to see what you do next! Please don't stop!

                EDIT: Ok, so the default tweak maybe a bit better than the HC one. It fixes my issue with some of the maps turning very dark while keeping the colors

                EDIT2: Trying to spread the word:


                  I'm glad you like it

                  The latest version of this tweak works in a difrent way from these, but for better. I've been able to add a raw HDR some months ago, but I had to format my PC due to a windows malfunction, and was unable to save it.

                  I would not be hard to implement HDR again, but I'm still messing with coding.


                    Hi Ping, I brushed SweetFX to the side for a while to try this color edit and I am really impressed, nice ini tweak . I need to ask a question. How can I fix the way the water looks whenever my character is under water, it's clear like air?