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Took the Manta out for an easy Wednesday's night cruise... had an accident. :( *PICS*

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    Took the Manta out for an easy Wednesday's night cruise... had an accident. :( *PICS*

    Rolled it.



    Well that's no way to continue to annoy barrr, LOL.
    Nice jam, did you get injured in the process, you Manta maniac?

    I spent a while on flood the other day, touring round 'polish style' in my viper, doing circuits and gained a megakill in flood node most satisfying!

    I'll continue to spec your little tricks and dodges, in the hope of improving my piloting. (I learned a bit more about getting around 'confrontation' tonight)

    Catch you soon; (hopefully with my avril, lol) JP_J


      I came. I saw manta. I laughed.

      Anyways, this reminds me of the time when I managed to kill myself with my own manta while I was trying to cap a node. DENIED!

      Impossible? Yeah, I thought so, too. I should get an achievement for that.

      Heck, I'm all for replacing the current achievements with better ones. Here's a couple ideas: (All of these are possible).

      1) Spider Love - Ride a Darkwalker as a Scavenger for three seconds.

      2) Extreme Air Grind - Grind a Raptor with the hoverboard while you are both in flight.

      3) Pancake From Below - Using either Scorpion or Viper self-destruct, kill yourself by splatting on the underside of a Raptor, Fury, or Cicada.

      4) WHEEEEEEE *Splat* - Reach maximum air velocity with the hoverboard via viper fling or tank boost, and cap a node upon landing.

      5) Pro-Orbber - Cap a node, and get killed less than one second later.

      6) Epic Fail - Kill yourself with a shock combo.

      7) Cheeky Bastid - Steal your opponent's invulnerability powerup with the Impact Hammer's EMP charge, and then kill your opponent at least three seconds later with the Impact Hammer.

      8) Clanks From Above - While falling, kill an opponent directly below you with the Impact Hammer.

      9) Puppet Master - Help an idler capture the flag with the manta. (

      10) lolwut - Kill yourself with your own vehicle while attempting to cap an enemy node.

      11) Raining Metal - Kill an enemy vehicle and get crushed by the falling debris.

      12) Awww, man.... - Pilot the redeemer near the enemy core, but have the game end right before it detonates.


        LOL, Polish!

        I'm also for replacing the current ones.
        Here my addition to your list:

        13) Missile Magnet - Kill yourself three times with your own AVRiL missile in a previously enemy/neutral vehicle.

        14) Drunken Donuts - Accidentally roadkill a teammate while driving donuts in a Scorpion.

        15) 'deemer Love - "Kiss" a Redeemer missile!

        16) Cap-aholics - Make your team capture at least one flag in a match and don't let the enemy team score a single time, not even by killing others!

        17) Torro! Olé! - Dodge a vehicle that tries to roadkill you and get roadkilled by another within less than 1 second!

        18) Flipper! - Flip at least 3 Goliaths in one match!

        19) Rodeo - Take a Manta, jump on an enemy Raptor and destroy it while riding it.

        20) Sub-Manta - Kill 10 people that are hiding in the water by pancaking/roadkilling them with your Manta.

        21) Bender-Ender - Destroy an enemy Hellbender by shooting its own skymine.

        22) Hitchhiker - Jump on an enemy Hellbender/Goliath and ride it for 10 seconds.

        23) Gore-tastic! - Every kill you get has to splatter your enemy!

        24) Suicide Monkey - Kill yourself with your 'deemer as soon as you get it by shooting on the ground and kill at least 1 opponent. Repeat this 3 times in one match.

        25) WTF!? - Make 3 people say "WTF!?" in one match at the latest 10 seconds after killing them.

        26) It's raining men - Kill 3 people in one match by shooting them and make them fall 1024UU.

        27) Frog in a mixer - Leave your Manta, make an enemy try to hijack it and quickly enter it to roadkill him/her.


          28) Dynamite Delivery - Use the viper self-destruct to propel yourself toward an enemy tank. While airborne, drop a shaped charge onto the tank to destroy it.


            29) Ghost Levi - In Serenety, get the levi after the countdown gets neutral, stand there long enough for the enemy team cap the countdown node again... The levi will disappear along with yourself with no kill message whatsoever


              Oops, almost forgot:

              30) Rag Doll Sackin' - Use feign death as a weapon to kill the enemy flag carrier and return the flag in one go. (


                Polish that is some mad parking skill you have there.


                  31) PHD Flipper - Use a Scorpion to flip a Leviathan, causing the drivers and passengers to flip out as they try to fix it.