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Can anyone help me?

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    Can anyone help me?

    I've just bought a copy of UT99 goty real cheap from a charity shop, cost me £4

    Anyway got it installed just fine & having a retro blast to myself as it was the 1st ever FPS I played.
    I cant play it on-line (actually dont know if anyone still plays this on-line)
    The problem being to play on-line I need a update & when I use the games update tab it tells me the site no longer exists the redirects me to Epics site but I cant find any UT99 info.

    I know this isnt the UT99 forums but I have tried searching google but the sites offering updates seem a bit ify, just hoping someone around these parts with some knowledge could point me in the right direction with a legit link or two to getting this classic game updated so I can have pop a on-line (thats if anyone still plays it??)

    Thanks in advance to anyone thank's helps.

    BeyondUnreal is safe!


      Cheers & thanks but unfortunatly it says....
      "The wizard has found a list of files that you need to install. We recommend you download and install the files in the order that they appear on the list"

      But no list ever appears ....................miffed!


        Sure people still play it! There are still many full servers

        Many downloads on BeyondUnreal were down in the last time.
        If they still don't work, try UTzone instead.
        Here are the links to the four bonus packs:
        Bonus Pack 1
        Bonus Pack 2
        Bonus Pack 3 (aka Inoxx pack by the mapper Cedric "Inoxx" Fiorentino)
        Bonus Pack 4
        Have fun!


          Here is the "latest" patch (Though not an official patch from epic, I use it, and it works fine)