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    Silly n00b question


    N00b here, be nice... how do use jump boots? I've come straight from UT GOTY where you pick up boots and you get 3 jumps, but I can't get them to work here. I thought maybe you have to "use" them, but nothing happens then either. Confused

    Double jump. (default key is space).


      or do a dodge jump



        Great to see some new people around here

        BlueCloud already told you the solution.
        It's also listed in my tips thread:
        Originally posted by Sly.
        You can use the jump boots when you do a double jump (jump and at the peak of the jump you jump again). In the left corner of the HUD you'll see a human silhouette with glowing boots. Next to the boots there is a number. When you pick up the jump boots you'll have 3 jumps. 3 is the maximum you can have. If there's no need to use them, you should avoid double jumps.
        You can find this tip in the "How to move in UT" section of the list (link to thread).

        If want to take a look at it later, you can find this thread on top of the General Chat section among the other sticky threads. I hope they will be useful to you

        Tips are still being added, so it's worth to check it out a few times. When I discover something useful or someone posts something useful that can be added, the first thing I do is add it to the list


          they boost you on your second jump, or basically your mid air jump.

          so if you jump after walking onto a jump pad, they will boost you.

          or if you jump in mid air after a walldodge they will boost you, though this is a third jump you don't usually get in ut3.


            Make sure you got enough space to jump in the first place mayne.

            Or You'll feel the impact of that in a minute.


              so can you 'boots' double jump from a hammer jump aswell?
              Just to review boots use then;
              1. boots jump = double jump = standard jump, then jump again at peak?
              2. wall dodge, then boots double jump?
              3. lift or jump-pad, then boots double jump?

              Hope that all makes sense


                As GoW K1lla said, you can dodge and immediatly hit ''jump'' once to dodge-jump into air, both from floor and walls.

                Lift>boots-jump works as well, but feels more complicated.

                Hammer-jump>boots-jump looks even more difficult, for me it often fails. In my opinion, not worth wasting time, unless i have ninja reflexes and area is quite secure (rarely happens )

                But with boots-dodge-jump you'll be saved. 3 times...


                  Thanks for the info, I'll try that next time. Hammer jumps? I could never master that in GOTY so I haven't even attempted it here!