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A question about the Leviathan - Bug or Feature?

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    A question about the Leviathan - Bug or Feature?

    Good morning,
    We all know that the Leviathan's primary fire (when it's built) has a specific radius.
    Now the situation:
    The Leviathan aims at an enemy Fury and fires.
    Its crosshair becomes red and the beam is coming in a few moments.
    However, meanwhile the Fury is out of the radius (more than 20 metres) but gets destroyed anyway.

    Does this mean the Leviathan's main weapon has 2 features?
    Feature 1: Everything that is in its radius gets destroyed.
    Feature 2: Everything you aim at when you press the fire button (red crosshair) gets destroyed - no matter whether it is in its radius or not.

    I believe we can agree that feature 1 is a feature, but what about feature 2?

    I have never seen feature 2 happening. Even on foot or in tank, you can run away as the beam forms and easily escape. The radius is kinda big, maybe the fury didn't go away far enough?


      doesnotmatter, did that happen once? or more times?

      if you can, try checking that with some friend of yours in an empty server. test it many times. and if possible on other maps


        Thank you for your replies.

        I'm very sure it happened several times.
        Everytime my crosshair became red I got at least 1 kill.
        Sometimes I did not even see my enemy anymore.

        I will check that issue this week again - both online and offline.