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Quick AIData Question (UTCustomChar.ini)

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    Quick AIData Question (UTCustomChar.ini)

    I was just wanting to edit the skills of my bots so that they are more better to play against during hosting. Heres the variables that are editable:

    Accuracy=-1 to 1
    BaseAggressiveness=0 to 1
    StrafingAbility=-1 to 1
    CombatStyle=-1 to 1
    TranslocUse=0 to 1
    Jumpiness=0 to 1
    FavoriteWeapon=Code name of weapon

    Can someone please tell me what are the value ranges for the variables with question marks. Also are these ranges correct? Are these the right variable names that I should put in the CustomChar.ini AIData section (eg. is it "baseaggressiveness=" or just "aggressiveness="). Any help is greatly appreciated.

    I have not manually edited the bot skill.

    However, you can adjust all the bot skills with Mapmixer in a GUI for each individual bot.

    Edit: Tried setting up Mapmixer on a private server, could not get the login prompt for the server to appear. Have not tried Mapmixer on a public sever. Right now I just adjust the difficulty of the server over changing the individual bot settings.


      Hmm... it appears as though all values are -1 to 1 in range. Does the BaseAlertness control how aware the bot is to it's surroundings? Is BaseAlertness and BaseAggressiveness just "Alertness=" and "Aggressiveness=" in the AIData section of CustomChar.ini?


        funny, i dont even have MP menu at all for mapmixer... can you even host with that?