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    Well I went with a Gigabyte 6850 GV-R685OC-1GD for $169.

    I did the fps trick posted but I must be missing something. I get around 130 fps. My bestest friend TristianX gets like 300 fps.


      What CPU, and what clockspeed? Also, are you guys running the same resolution and Anti-alising? Could be alot of different things, but I bet it's the CPU/Clockspeed. The vid card is most likely being held back some where. Unless your talking minimum FPS.

      I haven't ran the bench tool since I got this x6 chip, but here are my bench results with my old x3 phenom chip and 5870(pretty close to the same performance as your 6850)

      The benchmark started at 11/9/2009 9:45:12 AM

      System Information
      Operating system: Windows 7 Ultimate
      System memory: 4095 MB
      CPU: AMD Phenom(tm) II X3 710 Processor
      CPU speed: 3450 MHz
      Graphics card: - 0 MB ATI HD5870 1GB
      Benchmark Information
      Benchmark type: Flyby
      Demo: vCTF-Corruption
      Motion Blur: Disabled
      Hardware Physics: Disabled
      Anisotropic filtering: 16×


      Resolution: 1920×1080 (HD WideScreen)
      Score = 207 FPS
      Score = 208 FPS
      Average score = 207 FPS

      Resolution: 1280 × 720 (Custom)
      Score = 274 FPS
      Score = 279 FPS
      Average score = 276 FPS


        I mostly hang out in the General Hardware section of Anandtech and ALOT of people request gaming build recommendations or purchase reviews etc.

        The 2500K is THEE chip to get. Paired it with a P67 board and you are good to get that sucker to 4.4Ghz - get a Cool Master Hyper 212 at a Local MicroCenter for 29$ (if you have one nearby) Mine is 1.64 gallon round trip. If you wait for the Z68 chipset you will have a few nice features like Quicksync, SSD caching, ability to use the IGP only meaning no discrete graphics card. (Perfect for an HTPC later on)

        I went from 2 5870s to one GTX 480 and it was a positive improvement. While I like AMD cards, UT3 likes Nvidia cards. The reason why I had the card in the first place was for an AVCHD editing machine using the Mercury Engine with Adobe PP CS5. I game at 1680x1050 with a True 120 monitor.