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UTV would that be possible?

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    so for those really noobs.
    It's a UT3 TV Channel Live on the Internet

    ok, so it is doable... big point is: who's willing to take "lots of works" to do that? :/




        if you add one WAR pug i'll do that for you


          Originally posted by LLonewolf View Post
          thx for infos bluecloud, and ofc no there aren't 1561561561515 utv worthy match per week ofc but semi/final of 1v1 or 2v2 of clanbase cup could be streamed. It would be something that would help, we aren't trying to ask if it's worthy or not it would definitively be a plus. If considering ut3 state, we try to evaluate the utility of such thing regarding the activity, well let's just nvm now then ...
          Right now you can start out by video streaming from Xfire... and advertize the stream links and timings on here. That way we can atleast gauge the community's interest.


            actually bluecloud is pointing out sthg important here that i wonder myself, it's a bit off topic though.

            A streaming is quite interesting because u don't need any game installed to run it, so it obliviously increase the chance to promote the game to other people (that have the game or not).Though, the stream is generally in low quality and in quite small resolution, u are also very dependant of the upload bandwith of the streamer (which is not always very powerful)
            + : you are not forced to have the game installed to follow the fight
            - : dependant of streamer bandwith, low to very low quality.

            UTV (which doesn't exist and will probably never ): Well u have to have the game installed, it's full quality and u can decide to run the 1st or 3rd person view and stuff at will and by some option u can spec any players in, at will also.

            + : Full quality, u can almost watch it like if u were a spec of this match.
            - : U have to have the game installed and u are also dependant of the streamer upload BW, though it's less important i think.

            Well regarding the actual state of the game and the person who would be able to do a UTV for ut3, i think we better go for stream, it's ofc the best and realistic choice left.

            Well i have my answer ( i got it AFTER having created this topic by a coder :x ) and that has somehow been confirmed by some other guys here or elsewhere, so it's ok.


              A lot of top StarCraft 2 players stream as they play, and even make money from their streams. teamliquid has a collection of them, if anyone is interested.

              Everyone should start streaming UT3, so I have something else to watch while at work. Day[9] has a nice article, with videos, on what you need to do for setting up a proper stream.


                Originally posted by MoonBlood View Post
                Everyone should start streaming UT3, so I have something else to watch while at work.
                Now you can facepalm at noobs all day, any day!


                  i like the concept a lot, feels like its a steal from what ONLIVE does, as UT3 is on there and you can watch other peoples matches without lag on that, but to make it more mainsteam is possible, you can basicly turn any game into a TV-stream so long as you HAVE the tools, and HAVE to upload speed, there are quite a few programs that'll enable you to stream anything on the desktop to websites for ppl to tune in to and watch. So this concept is doable, but im not a program as such and cant afford a server leese.

                  I'll re-edit this post and list some tid-bits and websites to help with this when i find what i mean but i love this idea and which games could start incorporating this feature in all games.





         <-- can also broadcast your desktop not just webcam stuff

         <-- same as manycam, broadcast/share your desktop



                  Ok i'll stop there, hope this helps somewhat what you guys are talking about, but of course, this isn't inside UT, they'd be
                  webpages instead, but at least you could still have essentially your UT3 TV.


                    Why use a perfectly viable and widespread option?
                    Better to grab packets here and put them in your computerz over there.


                      oh man.... again sarcasms from you, déja vu... like on all the thread you put an eye on .... try to vary a bit your sarcasm it's not even funny anymore :| .


                        LOL I'm actually sorry, I just can't resist.
                        The question was so broad and indeed vague like another poster mentioned.<3