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Next UT Game 2015?

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    till 2015!

    get some insite of pc tech. till 2015:


      I am thinking that EPIC cannot even start working on the next UT until the console makers define the hardware it will run on. Then it will take ~3 years of development to get out a beta and another year to get it ready for release. Yea, so don't hold your breath, I think 2015 is a pretty good guestimate.

      There are public servers with players out there, I play almost every evening.


        Lol guestimate cool
        So that would mean the next gen consoles may be released in 2015, which would mean UT4 could be released in 2019, unless Epic already have the next gen hardware and can release the game during the launch of the next gen consoles, which is quite unlikely. Lol that's a large hiatus, Q4 of 2007 (UT3) to 2015/19, it's like about a decade! Ye, I guess Epic really did mean it when they talked about the UT franchise being a 'longterm priority'. Just when you'd think it couldn't get any longer. I don't think we'd want to age 10 years to play the next UT lol, time for UT3 Part II while we're waiting......


          Originally posted by Sanch3z View Post
          That being said I really dont want to wait that long. Video games, PC games in particular are getting lamer and lamer as time goes by: many without mod support, GFWL, poor console ports, 10,000 Call Of Duty clones, etc. UT3 has the top game engine out today and with the ability to make it play any way you want through uscript I guess I am shocked that there are so few people playing it.

          REVIVE UT3!
          Consolization is destroying PC gaming. Compared to consoles, PC gaming is about freedom--the ability to play online multiplayer without having to pay a fee, free custom maps and mods downloads, etc. However, over the past several years PC games have been losing those qualities. Custom maps and mods get replaced with for-fee downloadable content. In some cases online multiplayer is even eliminated (Dragon Age dispensed with Neverwinter Nights's online multiplayer.)

          What's ironic is that you say "revive UT3" when UT3 itself suffered horribly from consolization. Have you ever seen how much easier it is to receive and add custom content for UT99 and UT 2004 compared to UT3? It's also much, much easier and more straightforward to produce custom content for UT99 and UT 2004. UT3 also had a consolized user interface and server browser and lacked the ability to bind taunts to keybinds and also lacked location ID tags. Heck, when it was released you couldn't even throw weapons (according to rumor, you couldn't throw weapons because console controls would lack a key for that).

          I don't know if you bought UT3 when it was released, but if you had, you would have definitely said, "poor console port" when you saw it.

          Instead, I say, "Revive UT99 by releasing a bona fide UT99-2."


            Originally posted by jomi294 View Post
            Did Epic actually say they'd only produce a new UT with the release of their new engine?
            I kind of wonder whether they would even want to make another UT game at all. If they're going to release another consolized abomination that's unworthy of the UT name, then it might be better if they didn't make another UT game.


              Originally posted by Random54 View Post
              Hopefully Epic would want to do a PC only version of UT4 to demo the engine if that's the case.
              Maybe this is part of UT's problem. It's become an engine demo. It would be nice to see them release a high quality UT99-2 for the simple purpose of releasing a high quality, first rate game.


                meh I'm not going to get into the whole UT99 vs UT2k4 vs UT3 argument, why go there? UT3 is on the newest engine and has mod support just like any other version of UT and possibly the last of its type. Sure it can be said that it is "consolized" compared to previous versions but all that stuff can and has been modded out (map mixer, etc). UT3 could also be modded to be more like the original if you really had the motivation to do so.

                I will stick with REVIVE UT3..


                  Originally posted by Urban Legend View Post
                  If we're expecting another UT with the next gen consoles, then it'll be released probably years after 2015 in 2018/19! Also, I think the most important thing is that UE4 must provide a very high level of scalability, since many people in the mainstream gaming audience (where most of the profits are) are not going to have 40 cpu cores (for example) upon release of such highend hardware (except for pc enthusiasts) and the next gen consoles may not even have that many cores.
                  Absolutely. It absolutely needs to scale down. They also need to keep in mind that with the current and future state of the U.S. economy, people aren't going to be able to afford to buy the latest and greatest computers. Much of their potential customer base is stuck working $8/hour jobs and much of it is burdened by heavy student loan debt (and many of those people are working $10/hour jobs that don't require a college education). Did I mention that the prices of gas, food, and health care are increasing, which eats up money that could otherwise be spent on nicer computer equipment?

                  One of the dangers of focusing too much on the eye candy is that it can compromise the game play. What good is the eye candy if the game isn't very good? In contrast, people are still playing the original UT99 and UT 2004 to this day, not because they have great eye candy but because they are just excellent games.

                  I certainly don't want to shell out $1000 to build a 20 core computer with a uber video card solely for the purpose of playing one or two games that might not even be very good and that are likely to be highly consolized.

                  The next UT should be optimized to run well on a humble Quad Core since that's what most people will have in a couple years.

                  I'm still running a dual core Socket 939 Opteron rig with an 8800 GT and it serves my needs just fine. The only games I really play are (the very excellent 4x-RTS) Sins of a Solar Empire, a free to d/l and play melee-style FPS called Savage 2 (which is wild and crazy fun), and a little UT99 and UT 2004 from time to time.

                  I'm planning to stay on this rig for a couple more years since I don't foresee any compelling reasons to upgrade. The arena style FPS genre is dead or heavily consolized and most games are consolized now-a-days, leaving me without any games to look forward to except for the upcoming Sins of a Solar Empire expansion (Rebellion, due out in late 2011).


                    It was said by Epic that the next UT will come with the next gen Consoles, for example XBox 720.


                      Yes, I think Tim Sweeney said this.
                      If the next Xbox will be really called Xbox720 I will rotate my head 720° and start rolling on the floor laughing until the doc comes.. or I'll just laugh like a normal person (would be better for my health I think)

                      And yes, graphics are not as important as the big pack of gameplay, atmosphere (important for a SP-game - like a new Unreal), music and customization. Without this a game can't be successful (on the PC). That's where the consolization comes in: Because games for consoles are already optimized due to the limits of the consoles they don't need customization (at least what concerns graphics and controls). Of course we PC players are angry because of this. It's a shame what happens to most of the games these days.


                        If UT4 ever comes out, I'd bed a Dual core would be required to play it at the least, giving a minimum 50-70 fps, while a tri or quad core would be better giving 60+ fps. Game will probably be dulled down due to consilation.


                          I'm still using a dual core processor, core 2 duo e6420 overclocked to 3.2hz/ 2 gb ram/ 9800gt 1gb that I built in 2006 to run Unreal Engine 3 games. Using UDK, lightmass takes quite a long time to build, other than that I see no reason to upgrade anytime soon, especially for the low quality, high eye candy, crappy COD cloned, and consolized games coming out these days.


                            What exactly are we discussing here?

                            I really doubt we will be far enough along by 2015 to comply with Epic's "massively multicore" plans for UE4, if indeed they define massively multicore as 40 to 80 cores per CPU or desktop system. I believe the CPU engineers believe that such systems can be a reality by 2015 or whenever, but that is based solely on their prediction of future innovation and maybe some half-baked consumer needs. The largest problem I see with that prediction is it won't take into account North America's typical entrenched market circumstances. I mean, we won't upgrade if there's no need for us to upgrade (see: Sach3z), and we won't need to upgrade because businesses would rather market conditions never change so that they can extract the most money of us in the most controlled environment (read: entrenched market). We really won't upgrade or put too much money toward innovation if there's no driving force anywhere for either activity.

                            If you look at the rate of hardware utilization over the last few years, you'll observe a trend where nothing has really required consumers to buy top end components and get anywhere near full use out of that hardware. My i7-860 @3.9GHz has reached 100% continuous usage when I wasn't testing it exactly once, transcoding some .avi files to .mp4 files, since I got it last year. Granted, I'm far from a gamer's "gamer" because I don't burn through every new game as they become available. My point is popular consumer software that would take full advantage of my system just doesn't exist (and the hardware in my system was available... 3+ years ago?), and I'm an advanced user. I mean, us gamers don't use CAD at home, right?

                            On the other, business end of the spectrum I can see the demand for the best processors as they become available for servers, science-related computers, and enterprise-level systems. Too bad us gamers don't use those systems for gaming, and let's not forget that a lot of that usage is with perhaps 100 virtualized operating systems per CPU, knowledge-redefining mathematical equations, and industrial-strength processing needs. For the non-scientific systems, I believe most of those systems can use a maximum of only four 12-core CPUs per server or blade. Granted, we are currently trending towards shrinking our requirements with more powerful systems that take up less space. Despite all that, IT business needs do not translate over very well to consumer needs (read: high hardware utilization vs. low utilization), especially when businesses are our pushers and pimps and we are their thralls. The businesses will manage our needs because they need us to remain as predictable as possible; therefore, they "need" us to upgrade as infrequently as possible or not at all. That seems to be the business mentality for all of our paid-for consumer services in North America, arguably the world's driving force for at least a little bit longer.

                            Also, lol @ "what PC gaming is about." It is about exactly what us sheep are willing to pay for in a game, while content, quality, features, and gameplay are slowly cut away to maintain nice margins. We allow this because most are too weak to take a stand or make a difference, which means we are normal. PC gaming is driven and currently held back by the limitations of consoles: studios need to ensure backwards compatibility with consoles or, more accurately, forwards compatibility with PCs.

                            On the bright side, I would love to be proven wrong since I've only aggregated the more intelligent information that I've come across and made a few extrapolations. I have reason to believe that we are on the cusp of a paradigm shift in the IT world, but that could take upwards of 10 years to make lasting change and then settle. What's more is that UE3 is becoming decidedly dated in the presence of arguably more powerful and optimized (yes, I went there, but this is a bad forum to go there ) game engines like the latest CryEngine. Epic probably won't have any other option but to release their latest tech in a full engine by 2015 just to keep up with the Joneses.

                            The things we waste our time on when sleep seems so far away...


                              Lower Price means more sales

                              PC Technology evolution dependes on selling more, and if prices get low there are more sales, but benchmarks are what makes someone look and say "I need to Upgraid" or "I need a new PC system"...
                              if software runs good why buy a new PC!? and is the new software worth buying???...
                              Personly I think it be intresting if Epic decided to put out "Unreal engine 4" in 2012!
                              I´d have to buy a new computer, cause maybe my AMD555 Phenom2 x2, 4GB ram, Nvidia 9800GT green. is likelly not able to run it!



                                As it seems "Duke nukem forever" will be set back till june!


                                as with "Unreal engine 4" who knows? maybe it will come before "Duke Nukem forever"!!!