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Clanbase Spring Open Cup season: signups open

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    Clanbase Spring Open Cup season: signups open

    Yo wassup.

    The clanbase open cups are back for UT3. After a good fall season, we had the winter TDM nationcup, and now again offer a (slightly smaller) selection of cups for you to compete in. Clanbase is a online gaming competition site that aims at the european (in the largest interpretation of the word) part of the world. You can signups from anywhere, but be warned about ping.

    We offer:

    - Team DeathMatch 2v2: (supervisor: Ramses)

    Enjoy the best team deathmatch gameplay in the series. TDM 2v2 has always been Clanbase's strongest competition in UT3.

    - Dual 1v1: (supervisor: Ramses)

    Dual is the easiest gametype to pick up and is accesible to all as you don't need to be in a clan to take part in competition. Apart from that is it also very easy to get practice wars in on IRC.

    - Instagib Capture the Flag 2v2: (Supervisor: Kensei)

    iCTF 2v2 is my gametype. If you and your teammate are in for some hardcore CTF sign up. ICTF 2v2 is very fastpased and full of action.

    So support the community and take part in competition y'all. UT3 is surviving surprisingly long in clanbase for having a small community, it is really up to us to keep it going. And looking at the small teamsizes (biggest is 2v2), there is really nothing that stops you and your mate from signing up. Signups close at 20 march.

    And of course my own clan is fielding 2 teams in ICTF 2v2


      ugh too bad this is Europe only


        good to see UT3 still on cb


          To bad they won't use Zp for iCTF. We could field 5-6 good teams.