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Games Similar to Unreal Tornament 3/Unreal Series?

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    I've heard great things about NS 2 as well. I was gifted a copy on steam. I'll have to try it out this weekend.



      1- Completely free of charge, open source and obv. any sort of DRM-free
      2- Built on Quake 2 engine, but with a 2012 feel
      3- Advanced modding capabilities, great PC support
      4- Fast paced action reminiscent of the Quake universe, advanced movement system borrowing from Unreal Tournament

      Need I say more? Besides UT3 and Quake Live, it's the only thing that puts a smile on the face.


        nexuiz on console? quake/ut


          When recommending Nexuiz perhaps it should be made clear whether or not you are referring to the classic or 2012 version of it.

          One is free and open source, quake engine and the other is closed and CE3 engine.

          Needless to say the free version, Nexuiz classic, is better.


            Well when you find one be sure to let me know. I do a ton of arena FPS soul searching and I always come back to UT3. Blacklight Retribution is pretty good though.

            Games like UT3 with very high skill ceilings have a very hard time attracting new players in an era of easy to play games like Call of Duty and Halo.