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Gskill Ripjaws X series and AMD

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    Gskill Ripjaws X series and AMD

    Does anyone know if they are compatible?

    I'm looking to get this RAM

    With this MOBO

    but now i dont think they are compatible considering the description for the ripjaws x series. Its kind of too late as the wife already purchased them from new egg but if their not gonna work with eachother i'd like to know now b4 i build the thing.

    thanks for any help, just did a google couldn't find anything about this issue really.

    Should be good to go.

    If the description you are talking about is "Designed Specifically for Intel Sandy Bridge CPUs, H67 and P67 Platforms" that just sounds like marketing BS to me.

    In terms of Compatibility and not performance, DDR3 1333 is DDR 1333 any way you slice it. Make sure to check your timings in the BIOS and set them appropriately if not auto detected.


      Originally posted by SniperHF View Post
      that just sounds like marketing BS to me.
      It is.

      You can always check G. Skill's and Asus' websites for a list of hardware officially supported by those products, the Hardware Compatibility List (HCL), I think. But all those lists really indicate is the company certifies that one piece of hardware works with another because they've actually tested the combination. You might not find much supported for/by the RAM anyways since the Ripjaws X series should be a relatively new product and likewise for the motherboard since it seems like an older product (i.e., outdated HCL). My RAM was newish and didn't officially support my motherboard and vice versa, but here I am typing this message. Still, if you want extra reassurance, then you can contact each company's tech support and/or ask the question in their respective forums.

      The only validation that I am aware of for your concern is that I've heard AMD CPUs prefer tighter timings whereas Intel CPUs prefer higher bandwidth, but that shouldn't matter either way.

      Also, this isn't really related to UT3 at all.