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New to URT3, Question.

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    New to URT3, Question.

    Hey, first time I'm in these neck of the forums. I'm a Gear head, but I decided to rent URT3 from Gamefly. (Diden't really like it)

    But my question is, does anyone even play online (XBL) anymore? I tried finding servers and nothing showed up?


    I'm PC player but I read that this is a bug or something like that.
    I don't know how many people still play this on XBL but you might want to check out this thread.

    Btw, it's UT3 because it's called Unreal Tournament 3

    (PS: And no, Unreal ≠ Unreal Tournament. They're like two different games, and there was never an Unreal 3 (sadly))


      I am an Unreal player from the xbox community, I can answer your question:

      This game is still active on the xbox, however you will have to select player matches, not ranked. We do have several individuals who host dedicated servers around 12-14 players and those servers tend to fill up around peak hours, being 2-8pm Eastern Time. After hours you still have severs however the player count tends to be low. It is all just knowing when to play.

      Congratulations on trying out UT! Most mainstream gamers on the xbox just tend to stick with the average shooters being released these days and never want anything new. I gave gears a shot, however after the many problems with 2 they lost me.


        Originally posted by -=Reclaimer=- View Post
        . I gave gears a shot, however after the many problems with 2 they lost me.
        I feel your pain


          Thanks for all the replies, I guess I'm sticking with gears!