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Looking to have mod tested[PS3]

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    Looking to have mod tested[PS3]

    Download link
    Difficulty suggestion: Below adept is too easy above masterful too hard.

    Hello I'm looking for some hands to try and catch rouge bugs i've noticed in my code. I'm working on a proper game with a team I cobbled together at school but in my spare time I've been porting over a game I worked on way back in UE1. I'm specificly targeting PS3 in the port because of the pad. I'd like to try a different approtch to inputs using the game pads' analog sticks. With that said I haven't started on the input changes yet, I'm just doing the port for now while also sorting out any bugs that pop up from said port.

    Bug history
    Bug1: Game seize/freeze up when bots enter elevator lifts under certain unknown circumstances.
    Bug1 fix: Cease processing code when base.isA('DynamicSMActor')
    Bug2current state) Game seize/freeze up after a map is played for an excess amount of time
    Bug2 fix: None

    Note: I've only noted the bug reappear on CMBP-Mist(After Dieing in water) and CMBP-Industrial(shortly after capturing center node) but I'm sure it happened on other maps as well.(Not a frequent bug)

    Project Background: Copy of an email originally sent to
    ----start of email----
    "I started working with Unreal back on unreal tournament 1. (I've been going for a while now) I start with two old games called agent x and dark magic for UT99. Both mod makers gave up on their projects. In the case of agent x his "dying move" was to give away his source code and models with instructions on how to compile/run it all. Which is where i started. Shortly there after a small group of inexperienced people started working on the dead MOD dark magic also for UT99. Between those two projects i got a good bit of experience and started out on my own, but I've never really been a PC guy.

    I worked on an unreleased game/mod I simply called "Themod". I also call it "tactical porn" at times as a point of direction. Basically it was a game play rule set that took my principles concerning game design and "put my money were my mouth is". After charting out a rule set design I sat down and implemented the features one at a time completing about %70-%80.(I saved the harder ones for last)

    When UT3 came out the plan was to port my code over from UT99 and make it one of the first mods for PS3. Being I'm no PC gamer I didn't have a rig that could play the game until ...mmmm about 4 weeks ago. Last fall I cobbled together a group of software engineers, graphic/industrial design, etc. students from my university to work on a game. After choosing Unreal engine 3 I bought a bare bones PC rig for $160ish and decided to port some of my old code over as an example of how to program in unreal script.

    And that's the story guys. I've attached about %5-%10 of ported old UT99 work I've done in UT3 over the course of 3-5 days with a little extra tagged on to appease my group who didn't care for making "another FPS". I wanted to do it big and port the entire thing, releasing it a couple months after UT3 PS3 hit. But thems' the breaks, %5 of %80 is better then %0. I think it would've made a splash!

    I wouldn't try using it with any mods other then maps. I haven't really tested it for anything but obvious bugs. Although I wouldn't mind some feed back on any bugs you might find.

    You guys do great work with helping the PS3 UT3 community so here you go. An exclusive!

    (See attachment or download from drop box"
    ------End of email-------

    Thanks for any help you can provide