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    Physics question

    Okay, I have a question. I have a pretty decent computer, Radeon 4800 HD series, quad core, etc.

    However, of course the PhysX maps don't run too well. Tornado starts out alright, but then gets overloaded. As it should. Yet, other physics maps, such as Nowhere or some of the Remus maps (Derelict and Zero-G) run flawlessly. I understand that they're using simpler physics, but still, it looks pretty much as good, and it runs without any major FPS hikes.

    So my question is... why don't more maps take advantage of the software physics? There's very few user maps that do, and pretty much none of the Epic stock maps. If it was doable without needing more hardware, why not take advantage of destructible walls and glass and barrels. Am I missing something?

    The closest I can think of in the stock maps is the one warfare map where you can knock over fire hydrants, and it's a very simple effect. Compare that to Derelict. World's apart.

    Because at the time the game was released not everybody had a computer that could handle it.

    I still have a PC that just won't be able to run such maps. It would simply crash either the game or my PC (thanks god I will have a new one soon and will be able to run UT3 at full details ).

    However, as much as I think that such things look cool I don't think they fit well into DM and (v)CTF maps, that won't be the UT I love anymore if every map would have been like that. It would just block your sight.

    But I think that it could fit well into WAR maps (of course not completely destructible maps, just partially) so that you can block a path by destroying a part of a cliff so that other vehicles and players get crushed beneath the big fragments of stone or so that they have to take another way which would be more time consuming. It would be better for tactics (and it would be what they promised, see the old UT2007 gameplay trailer where you could see something like that in WAR-OnyxCoast but sadly it never made it into the game).


      There is a difference between the physics in games like Derelict and between the PhysX stuff, correct?