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Tips for Hydrosis in the campaign

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    Tips for Hydrosis in the campaign

    Playing the game on insane, normally this is not problem. but with ctf and especially with hydrosis I have problems.

    Are there any general hints for ctf, like how to use bot commands (neutral?, guarding? or attacking?), Should i carry the flag myself? or leave it to the bots?

    The special problem in Hydrosis is, That there are only two ways out of the building: right (rockets) or left (link, flak, shock rifle). THE **** BOTS ALLWAYS KNOW WHICH ESCAPE WAY I HAVE CHOSEN AND SPAWN EXACTLY THERE. Usally I try to take the left way. But latest when I am in the room with the shock rifle, 3 bots are waiting there for my and shafting me down with the link-alt-fire. Should I take the right escape way instead?

    I allways steal the enemy shield belt, because the bots never take it, but a lot of health is not helping, I have no chance against 3 bots in this tiny room, when they use the link-alt-fire. What is the best timing to take the flag (as soon I am there?, waiting for a friend bot?, two friend bots?, waiting till blue steals our flag?)

    I want to succeed this map without using a command. What to do?

    Make a bot or two support you and the rest should defend. Wait till they got your flag or when they are in your base so that you have some time to take the flag and then take it, your team will try to kill the carrier and supporters, damage them and it will be easier to kill them on the way back. Just be sure to have a Sniper Rifle or Stinger Minigun (whatever you prefer for long ranges and great damage), Shock Rifle (for some combos) and Flak Cannon (for the small corridors). The best way is to get inside the enemy base is through the ventilation shaft and then you can pick up some health vials, the shield and the Flak Cannon and Link Gun before you get their flag. Take the way with the Rocket Launcher. The narrow corridors and your Flak Cannon are a good combination, would be better if you'd have a Rocket Launcher ,though (to shoot some grenades around corners). However, you can pick it up when you spawn at your base if you like. Flak Cannon works well as well.

    I think this tactic could work well, at least that's how I did it in CTF-Hydro in UT99, in the inofficial UT2004 Hydro remakes and in UT3's Hydrosis (online, I don't play the campaign) and this tactic works well.

    I hope it will help you as well. Of course you should try to "modify" this tactic so that it fits your weapon preferences.

    PS: When you are going to get the flag I recommend to use the Translocator and get up on the bunkers and use this way to get to the other side. You'll immediately see where enemies are. Use the Translocator as much as possible and it'll even be harder for bots to hit you since you always change your location.
    This tactic is also very risky because when you meet the enemy carrier and his/her supporter(s) and they kill you they'll return the flag and you'll have to hurry to have a chance to get your flag back. However, it works always fine for me.