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    Originally posted by gegenki View Post
    The thing about Halo is that the ranking system means that you start playing against rubbish people. You level up quickly but then you reach people about your own level. The ranking system means that you never come up against people who can complete the game on Insane when you are still playing Adept (is it called that)
    Halo requires some serious skill to get past rank 40 online (its pretty hard to get there in the first place but it goes up to 50), but UT requires much much more skill.
    For most people UT is probably too hard (honestly I play against the computer on level 3 or 4, I'm useless online (until I get better - and I promise you I will); most people would just give up)
    More online games need to use a system like that. One of the reasons I hate COD, is because there seems to absolutely NO beginners, anywhere, everybody is like full-on uber-killing motherf*ckers who obviously spend their whole lives playing one game. People would find it far easier to become skilled in a game, if your opponents are chosen based on skill level. You get say 30 people who are ****e, then out of them, 10 of them will become good, and move onto the next tier, instead of always being right at the deep end. It just makes me not want to bother with some online games, and play the single player mode instead, cos I cant even pop my head round a corner for half a second without being instantly killed by some "miracle sniper".


      Originally posted by ffrr View Post
      it's not dead on the PS3 ..just played an hour of DM and another hour of TDM in full servers... the best games can normally be found after 8pm UK time.
      Absolutely, I only bought the PS3 version last week, and I get atleast 10 DM servers, around 8 CTF servers. Every game type always has atleast 1 server when Im online. I f*cking OWNED every1 on the 1st match I ever played lol, I was like 10 kills above the top player, and I hadn't played UT3 since I stopped playing the PC version YEARS ago! After that I couldn't even hold 3rd place for more than 2 minutes though, LOL, it was like beginners luck on steroids.