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Making a Map, 2 Problems

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    Making a Map, 2 Problems

    I guess I'll talk about the map 1st. It's a warfare map, sort of like GOW_DeathDome, but there is no link setup. There are 4 standalone nodes in a reasonably big square room, and there will be 2 cores each behind shielded doors, directly linked to each other. There are two team spawn areas, each spawning a cicada and 2 mantas. The spawn areas are just cubes cut out of the main room, also with a shield over them which blocks vehicles from entering. I will put the cores above these spawn areas. The idea is, whichever team can hold all 4 nodes at a time unlocks the enemy core.

    So my 1st problem is: I can't think of a name. Right now I'm calling it Fragfest, but I've been thinking that there are other names which would definitely be better. I've thought of maybe using some other death-related name, or maybe some synonym of chaos, but I haven't been able to decide what name is the best.

    2nd prob: I realized yesterday that anyone inside their team spawn areas can freely shoot any of the four nodes. The big vehicle shield doesn't block weapons, allowing the ppl inside to kill the nodes free of enemy cars. I've thought of a few ways to solve this:

    - Make the shield block weapons. Only problem with this is, it would allow players to camp right at their shield shooting nodes, and then duck back in for cover.

    - Do the above, but use PhysicsVols to push such players into the game. But stupid Physicsvol doesn't work unless the players jump.

    - Remove the shield altogether. But this could promote some serious spawnkilling.

    I don't really know what to do about this, it seems like the best solution would be to move the spawn area out of sight of the nodes or something, or put them right in with the nodes and who the hell cares about spawnkilling.

    I also have a problem, which is that I have no clue what this map would be like. Seems like it could easily be a stalemate, so I made all nodes autoheal themselves, making it take a bit of teamwork for any node to go down. But yeah, if any of you map/gameplay pros or anyone could give some insight on any of these problems, that would be very helpful.


    Okay, figured out what to do about the second problem, naming the map is really all I could use help with now.


      perhaps some pictures or a beta can help us to help you