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New To PC UT3 - Noob Editing Issues

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    New To PC UT3 - Noob Editing Issues

    Hi guys! Big fan of Unreal and Im happy to see the community is still full of coolness after all these years - sadly I haven't had a decent computer to play it on up until recently. So I grabbed myself the Unreal pack from Steam over the holidays and haven't touched another game since. Got wind of this UDK business and busted my chops to figure out the basics with the help of tutorials and finally figured out how to do stuff like import sounds.

    Now the bad news - in my noobness I failed to notice how the UDK is useless for making custom stuff for UT3. The only reason I assumed it would work is that I can't seem to get the actual UNREAL Editor to download or work. I just figured it was replaced with the UDK. Am I alone on this? Or are there people I should be writing to get it to work? I only purchased UT3 because the editor was advertised as included and I was a fan of the old ones. I am really looking forward to making maps like I used to for other stuff in the past. Also, I have the game for PS3 and wanted to cook up some juicyness for my PSN hommies. Any help/imput on this would be sweet.

    Thnx in advance.

    go to C:\Program Files\Unreal Tournament 3\Binaries\UT3.exe and make a desktop shortcut

    then go to the shortcuts properties and add editor to the end like this
    "C:\Program Files\Unreal Tournament 3\Binaries\UT3.exe" editor
    now you should be able to open the editor
    i know you have the steam version so just look for the ut3.exe where ever the installtion was at


      ProTip - always try at LEAST 17 times before posting in the forums.

      As soon as I finished that last post - I gave it one more try . . . and behold! It worked. Wonder what the issue was . . . ? Errr.


        thanks btw. ill give that a go if it hickups again.