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    epic is a business.... ya want a ut4 they got to stay in business. Also how are they supposed to make a ut4 when they got gears 3 to do and theyre still looking over their shoulders at UT3? The titan pack was a pretty big step in trying to make it up to dissapointed fans. Theyre probably more looking at ways to make ut4 more popular and i personally agree with that decision. In fact there were many people that said when they were working on the titan pack that they should just put the effort into ut4 and that was how long ago now?

    [EDIT] and as the estimate was that it would ship with the new engine which will be about at the time of next gen consoles. They have 2 to 3 yrs to get it done on that estimate so i hope theyre at least thinking about it already


      does you guys believe there will be an UT4 in the future ?


        gawd i hope so. I want to be like your guy playing it at 50 lol. I dont think the fact that the UT community was possibly the most destructive force in the demise of ut3 will help though.
        Review sites were kinder to this game than actual UT fans in so many cases.
        Its always been the epic way, new engine = new ut. Some people at epic said as much some time ago, but i dont have the link on hand im sorry. Sure someone here will lol. im pinning my hopes on that as I think are many others


          If there is a UT4, most will probably be disappointed with it because there will be so hype around it. Secondly, the UT community is pretty much split between two different playing styles, and either way one side of the community will be displeased.


            Bulletstorm is coming for PC February 22, 2011.

            The rules are pretty clear here. There is no need for trolling and insults.

            We provide the master servers for UT and UT2004. I keep them maintained the best I can. They are 11 and 7 years old, respectively. We also run 10 PC and 10 PS3 UT3 servers. We have 3 new games we're working on, Infinity Blade, Bulletstorm and Gears of War 3. We're sorry you feel we've abandoned you, but I think we are providing a lot of community support for an older game.