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Could any of you modders make this?

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    Could any of you modders make this?

    I know i know.. wrong forum.
    But it's absolutly dead in that section, so, while risk for being flamed, i'm gonna ask it in here.

    Could a friendly soul and modder on these forums throw a People can fly gametype together with a map?

    This is a gametype from the game Painkiller and it works like this:

    A single large and VERY high square or circled room
    No pick ups
    Both combatants start with infinite rocket launchers
    You shot at your opponent to make him airborne, and only then can you kill him.
    While on the ground your immortal, but if you jump or get airborne by a rocket splash.. the next rocket that hit you, kills you.

    A guy started this mod a year back but never got past alpha nor did they cook it to PS3.

    And they got a beautiful map almost done:

    Here is a video of the alpha version:

    PLEASE! Someone make this.. i beg you!

    this would probably be a cool map for that game type

    right now its set up for warfare, but I think it meets your criteria...

    I believe W@rhead made or at least helped make "bombing run" for ut3. I don't think he makes it to the forums anymore. Still plays alot tho on epic warfare #2.

    Sanchez doesn't play anymore but is working on a mod/ new game right now. He's active in the forums. Maybe you can get a bite at this from him.


      Wow! That would make an excellent map, well, maybe it's a tad too big.. but beside that, awesome.
      Thx for the head up ummie4.

      I'll see if i can send a PM to Sanchez (if that's his nick)

      I found a Sanch3z.. i pm:ed him =D !


        Are there any good maps in a single room? Just like the deathdome.. that works on PS3?


          wait you want this for PS3? Good luck! Most of the ppl in this forum are PC. Might want to post on our website Most of GOW converted over to PC from the PS3. Might I suggest you do the same Pacer wrote some stuff for PS3 but I really don't think that he will give you any help. Not really worth it with so few playing, but its worth a shot


            the map would be easy to make but the custom code would be something above my abilities. I only make stuff for pc also. Sorry...


              Ok, thanks for your reply though.