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    i still play... UT3 (and earlier) plays so fast; i really like that about it.

    yeh its unfortunate there aren't many players in UT3, but i play Greed, CTF or DM if VCTF servers are quiet (i prefer VCTF cuz of the hoverboard!).

    actually even in the busy days of UT99 i used to switch every few months from CTF to DM to Assault, sometimes DOM, even Strangelove (rosebum server i think)... there's enough UT3 players online if u don't mind switching gameplay style... i see quite a few players on diff servers so guess i'm not the only one feels this way... there's usually at least 1 or 2 servers with a full (or full-ish) house at a ping i can handle.

    anyway, happy new year!


      Agreed, agreed.. but this is Unreal Tournament! A brand that does not deserve to have its latest game garnering half a dozen full servers at a ping one can handle!!

      That's what saddens me, and yeah it's true, I don't play anymore either. UT3 just didn't really hit the ball dead center and it sort of flailed off people's radar pretty quick.

      I blame the singleplayer "story" instead of a tournament, and the dark grungy art style


        I still play online - UT3 is IMHO by far the most intense of any of the online FPS games.

        From what I can remember when Epic were still supporting this game there were a hell of a lot more players and servers.

        Maybe that has something or even perhaps everything to do with it!