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Killstreaks for UT3? Good idea?

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    I think having killstreaks like MW2 is a bad idea. However, a better type of killstreak reward would be one that enhances your already equipped perks (i.e.: reload faster, shoot faster, jump higher, run faster, enhanced armor).

    Having killstreaks similar to CoD is a bad idea because in UT3 you already have the ability to use vehicles. Why reward an individual player more vehicles on top of the ones already on the map/level?

    There are alot of nostalgic, jaded gamers out there who would reject any new ideas. But the truth is: if there were ever UT4 it would have to compete with the modern shooters. If a sequel employs dated gameplay mechanics then no one will buy it. But that doesn't mean you have you have steal ideas from CoD and make a carbon copy of it (like Crysis 2 has done).


      Abilities and classes would be alright IMO but killstreaks I don't know, they definitly encourage camping as someone else said. Every game i've ever seen with killstreaks the better players just hide till they have them all ready for thier next spawn/the right moment. I think the adrenaline idea could work again, but it would have to be something that even the noobs could get easily as well. Like pickups(eg. the pills from a previous Unreal) on a map, and maybe a tiny bonus for each kill/assist you get.

      Look at the way they had the charaters set up in Unreal Championship 2. Click on "characters" from the main page and look at each one. All specific adrenaline abilities to each character and different atributes for each class. Some moved faster, some had stronger attacks but were slower, some were hard as **** to hit because of their mobility, and some were just decent all around. Believe it or not, it was alot more balanced then what most would think.


        I have now played COD blackops for over 150 hours (and uninstalled).

        Killstreaks is the worst ****ing thing I have ever seen in a game. I got 2x12 kill-streaks once then I ended up getting something like 40 FREE kills. That's kind of stupid.

        Killstreaks were one of the things I really disliked about that game. If only there was more "bare bone" servers I may of kept it installed. Oh well.


          Originally posted by ΉӨӨDΣD_ΛƧƧΛƧƧIП View Post
          I know the idea comes from the CoD franchise, but seriously, 30 kills in a row and all you get is a message saying "MASSACRE" ?? Especially on multiplayer, you just don't seem to get, a reward? Titan mode is fun i must admit, and turning into a titan after scoring some flags and blasting other players, but thats it.

          If you dont know what I mean, like if you get 5 kills, then you get the "KILLING SPREE" message and the Juggernaut (Berserk + Udamage) and so on, and maybe add the redeemer in if you get like 30 kills or whatever.

          Now i have read some GoW forums where someone was saying that KS in GoW would put players off the actual process of the game. Such as in UT3 in CTF, if you add awesome killstreaks them players will probably just get kills and not the flag.
          If Epic decide to bring another patch to UT3, this is what I think should be in it. If like the problem above is seen, them we could probably just limit the killstreaks to TDM and DM, you know?

          I just felt to get a reward even in the campaign getting those cards which gave your vehicles more health, gave you another player, etc.

          Whats your view?
          This idea would just make UT what any other shooter is; a shooter with too much reward and camping.


            adrenaline how about that again instead of kill streaks?


              I'd agree. It has some sort of balance in it. The combos are not OP and even newcomers can get 100 adrenaline (because of the pickups). Furthermore, it encouraged newcomers and other players to move around in the map and this can prevent camping to some degree and making the game more fun.

              But killstreaks like in CoD? Oww, no!
              Rewarding good players with "free kills" for being good is just stupid and breaks the whole balance in UT and it will scare newcomers off (side note: we need newcomers in UT since arena shooters aren't popular anymore!)


                this idea is horrible, awful, hideous, horrid, frightful, ghastly, gruesome, nasty, dire, shocking, grim, foul, lousy, vile, direful, hellish, dirty, stinking, lurid, moldy , but don´t worry, i don´t hate u for this...


                  That sounds like a great idea, but before we tackle that giant let's focus on a few smaller battles:

                  1. Remove armor from the game
                  2. Make weapon stay mandatory
                  3. No wall dodges
                  4. No hoarding items
                  5. No spawn killing


                    I'd like to point out that I've been playing UT3 again. I own Black Ops and MW2 on the PS3 but UT3 is immensely more fun.

                    I've even considered bringing back Unreal Theatre.


                      Originally posted by Legionz View Post
                      That sounds like a great idea, but before we tackle that giant let's focus on a few smaller battles:
                      You must be jokin and trollin.