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Just Bought UT3, but wondering about the limited space to fill in my gamespy username

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    Just Bought UT3, but wondering about the limited space to fill in my gamespy username

    Hey there roamers of the Epic games forums, im new to the whole Epics games scene (but have played gears of war 1 once before).

    Im proud to say that ive bought my first Epic game today on steam, Unreal Tornament 3:black edition. Ive played it a bit and of course its amazing, everything about it, and i give my complements to the guys at Epic for making such a game.

    But now for the quick transition to the bad news from me (and the reason why i havent played as much of UT3 as i have wanted to yet). I'll explain my issue. As i started up the game for the first time i was welcomed by logo's of companies and then to the login screen where i was asked to input my gamespy account surname and password.

    So I started typing in my existing gamespy username (SonicTheHedgeTrimmer) and got to SonicTheHedgeTr and to my horror the limited text box let me go no further. This limited surname text box only allowed 15 digits, whereas my surname was 19.

    Well wasnt that silly of me to make a gamespy username with over the amount of digits allowed in UT3's username text box, maybe, but wasnt it even sillier of GameSpy to allow me to create such a username? Thats where im seeing the fault at the moment, they should verify users of this before creating a gamespy account, maybe saying "some games only allow a certain number of digits for your username". Or just limit users to using 15 digits to make it automaticly easier.

    But i am also seeing the fault being in UT3's username text box. Why Epic, would you limit the search box if usernames can be longer than that allowed. I can happily use my Gamespy username at its current length (19 digits) in Borderlands and crysis wars.

    Im sorry for complaining about such a small issue, i know, its silly of me, but really I'd love to continue using my current existing gamespy account. That means i can keep my friends in my existing gamespy account and all that other stuff.

    Im also sorry if this has already been brought up many times before.

    The only thing i can do now is make a new email account and new gamespy account, with a smaller username (15 digits or under). I know its not that much effort to do so, but really...should we have to because of this limit?

    If theres a solution could someone please let me know, or if you just want to tell me off for being silly and lazy (for not making these new accounts already) and that i should'nt have wasted my time complaining like this, feel free. But some sort of solution or answer would be appreciated

    SonicTheHedgeTrimmer (this is my name on steam too, add me )

    To my knowledge gamespy stores UT3's usernames on a different server than other games, thus to stop conflicting usernames from various games.

    So in short, create a new username, use your existing gamespy email address.(within the game)

    Oh and limiting the username was probably a design choice, imagine playing the game with someone's name taking up the whole screen...


      Hey HideInLight.

      Thanks for the info. I did actually try creating a new account in UT3 but i tried with a different email address than my gamespy one and it didnt work at all. But i simply tried what you suggested; created a new username with my existing gamespy email address (within UT3) and wowee that was it, new account made and i didnt even need to mess around with other email addresses.

      Thanks a ton for your help HideInLight i really appreciate it (especially that you gave such a quick reply) now i can be at rest and enjoy this awesome game.


        I'd regard this as hearsay: once upon a time when I was still green to this game, I observed some veteran players talking about exceeding the character name limit that you have encountered. I believe they talked about modifying some entry in an .ini file located in your My Games/Unreal Tournament 3/UTGame/Config folder. IIRC, one of the veterans demonstrated this feat by logging into that match with a name longer than the scoreboard would display. I don't remember anything beyond that.

        So in short, what you seek should be possible, although I can't be of any actual assistance.


          Thanks ctr2yellowbird for letting me know it might be possible. I could look into it further but I probably wont bother now that ive made a new account name.