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UT3 is NOT dead!!! List the active servers you play on to help build the community!

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      This tells it all!


        |RIIP| Skull 'n Bones | Greed Server *CLEAN CHAT
        |RIIP| Crazy GDAWGG Elite *CLEAN CHAT*
        |RIIP| THE HURT LOCKER **Fast D/L**
        |RIIP| Crazy **** | Elite DM *CLEAN CHAT*
        |RIIP| House of Pain!! Fast D/L!! *CLEAN CHAT*
        |RIIP| Crazy Greed *Clean Chat* {GREED}
        |RIIP| Extreme Sniper!! *CLEAN CHAT* Fast D/L!
        |RIIP| Crazy Lil' Giblets!!! Fast D/L - Custom Maps! *Clean Chat*

        TeamSpeak: Port: 21540

        Our servers have regular players, usually fill up towards the night mostly on Skull N Bones - Greed server. Mostly custom maps..


          Originally posted by Taffy View Post
          He is NOT associated with Beer Drinkers DM in any way except he is a player.

          He hasn't been banned because:

          1) He will just get a new IP and DVD hash and start spamming Beer Drinkers.

          2) I don't know what he did to get banned on Epic, but he doesn't cheat and he doesn't spam Beer Drinkers. He is not one of the best players, so just kick his *** around I don't think it's right to ban someone just because another admin banned him on another server.

          3) If he is banned, I will have to disable chat messages and install UTMonitor (don't even know what it does).

          4) Even if he is banned, it will do nothing to stop him from spamming your inbox.

          If he is bothering most people on Beer Drinkers, we can take action, but it will probably make things worse, at least for a while.

          You guys let me know if he is causing a lot of problems, but I'm on the server a little every night or every other night, and I have seen people that are a lot more annoying than he. Maybe I'm wrong though.
          This would be Jesus of UT3 or aka - *** God. Complete loser. He does this to our servers also. I had to get a spam protection mutator to stop him.. he's always perm. banned on any of my servers..


            The only real two active Australian servers.

   - Melbourne
   - Sydney


              Originally posted by Rumplehedskin View Post
              Sporting The Custom Halloween Content for the Month of October.


                Would be great to c Bombing run and Kilter's Bombing run become an active server. If there any servers that up.


                  I can always put up a Bombing run server if you think there's enough traffic for it. Msg me.