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Unreal Tournament Revival: Is it possible?

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    Unreal Tournament Revival: Is it possible?

    I think at this point we've all come to a sad realization: Unreal Tournament, the series we all know and love, is dead.

    Only a handful of servers and players exist in the span of the three majors games. UT3 had a very bad launch, and even though Epic did a fantastic job at essentially relaunching the game with the Titan pack, it failed to retain a dedicated online playerbase.

    The question I ask you, oh loyal friends is this:

    Is Unreal Tournament a series that can be rebooted? Consider this from a profit standpoint. Epic Games is a business, and can't throw away resources and development time into a series that doesn't sell well.

    We all know that the primary platform for shooters is consoles, and that Epic is focusing on this platform now. To compound this issue, UT is an arena shooter with a very high skill ceiling based around the PC. Not only is the average shooter much less skill intensive (such as Modern Warfare 2 or Halo), these shooters and designed for consoles and don't take into account mouse and keyboard controls.

    Is an Unreal Tournament revival possible in an environment where not only PC shooters and no longer popular, but skill intensive shooters are as well? Low skill ceiling shooters and consoles kind of go hand and hand because they are designed with the limitations of the gamepad controls and console online architecture in mind. Is a high skill ceiling PC shooter like UT still marketable?

    Interested to hear your take on this.

    That's why I think they should make a new Unreal in the style of Unreal 1 instead of a new UT. It seems like players need a break of UT. Maybe it was just too much UT (or UC) for the people? When did the last Unreal came out? It is really quite a while ago and many people know only UT -the fast multiplayer shooter- but they don't know Unreal -an awesome story oriented single player and co-op shooter.

    Over the last months I realized one thing: UT won't be dead. As long as the master servers are running and as long as the players play it it won't be dead. But as I said: Maybe we just need a break of UT and maybe many players need a good story oriented shooter with the same mechanics as Unreal Tournament. Mixing a story into UT was just a bad idea.

    Maybe we just need Unreal, not the Tournament edition of the game. I think this way a revival is quite possible. At least it would bring many players into the original Unreal and later (those who want to have botmatches or DM, CTF, whatever with players) into UT.

    This shooter will be marketable if they release a new "original" Unreal first and THEN a new UT (and if they don't try to mix these two games like they tried with UT3).


      The sad truth is that most people do not like the Sci-Fi aspect of UT at this time. The crack right now is modern day warfare. People like to pretend they are holding a real gun, or shooting a real person, or flying a real helicopter, or at least using equipment which is somewhat plausible.

      The Manta and Shock Rifle are things beyond most people's level of comprehension. I have tried to get current gaming people into 2k4 and UT3. The general consensus is "The double jumping isn't realistic" or "it has too many fake guns."

      Today's main stream FPS market: Slow moving action with non-energy based weapons.

      The market needs to get sick and tired of modern warfare and eventually evolve back to Sci-Fi. Until then, I believe us UT folks have no one else to play with.

      There are other factors involved, too. People hate Gamespy & people hate Windows Live. Many of us like keeping track of our friends our own way and not dictated by another company. All these things went into effect these past several years and most of the community that kept 2k4 alive for so long simply did not want the extra hassle.

      US hardcore shooters like things hardcore. Real online game browser, no fluff, balanced weapons, and fun to play.

      Steam went down yesterday, and my friend and I were not even able to start a server through the L4D menu system since it could not detect the Steam service. And mind you, we were in the SAME house at the moment. I had to open up the command line and hunt down about 4 or 5 lines of code just to be able to create a dedicated server on my LAN. I mean seriously, is this what PC gaming has come down to for us where we can't even create our own LAN server easily? This is why PC gaming is dying because it is slowly being killed. How can PC gaming go back to the hardcore ways that it was? PC gaming was popular because of all the options we had, and that has now been stripped.

      My point is UT had a very specific community that was dedicated to it. This community kept UT alive for many many years until the industry and the masses started changing.

      Sorry if I went off on a tangent LOL.


        Originally posted by IzaFly View Post
        There is still a huge community out there that would come flying back to UT if there was a better one. Unfortunatly UT3 has its issues, many of wich drove those players away. Many play Quake Live, others moved to COD etc. I myself play UT along with COD, BC2, L4D etc. But those games all get very samey. Very quickly. UT3 might get played on the same maps time and time again. With a new awesome one now and again. But it's ALWAYS fun.

        Something I feel all the other shooters don't offer. It's always the same situations, yes you might manage to land an awesome round of headshots and wipe out the enemy team in S&D. You might be able to take out 4 zombies and save 3 incapped teammates. But UT offers something different every game because of the variety in it's weapons, gamemodes, vehicles and players.

        And the one thing UT has over almost every other FPS game out their. One hell of an awesome, dedicated Mapping and modding community. Other games have custom maps and mods yes. But it's hard as hell to find ones that are polished and play as well as the ones you find in UT.
        COD4 comps for example. I don't think i've seen one that hasn't got all official maps. Either from the original release in 2007 or the later released DLC. But UT3 comps do, Yes there is the same old favorites that certain players love over and over. But there's also new maps.

        It's the sort of thing that keeps UT playable, new and always great fun.

        Every time i've started on a new game. I've always come back to UT3.


          Originally posted by Cr4zyB4st4rd View Post
          Every time i've started on a new game. I've always come back to UT3.

          To answer the OP's question: No. I personally don't think it's marketable right now. And you described exactly why this is so.

          I agree with Epic's decision to "shelf" the franchise for a few years. Only the future will tell... But when/if a new UT is announced, and promises the old school, high skill, fast paced and twitch aim gameplay style, along with a non-dumbed down array of options that Iza described, I'll be there - raving like a lunatic over it.


            I think going the route that the COD games and Activision use is something that might work for the UT franchise: new game annually swapping out devs on each version. Epic would still own "Unreal Tournament" but just sub contract out the title to a smaller dev team each year.

            The benefits:

            1. a new game each year so if you hate the current version you only have to wait a year for a new version.

            2. new and different dev teams would bring new and different ideas.

            3. game support would come from this smaller dev team which might put more effort into it because they need to prove themselves.

            I would love to see a People Can Fly made Unreal. Gearbox would be on my list also.


              If anything that would make it worse. Game support for the Activision and EA games is already near non-existent a couple months after release day with teams meeting their contractual obligations and moving onto the next project.

              They can do that with consoles when they can expect every 360 or PS3 to be the exact same. It's a bit more complex with an infinite amount of PC configurations where every patch introduces its own bugs for the select few.

              Shelving UT for some time is probably the best solution. It is, after all, a PC title and it's become increasingly more difficult to successfully release a PC game. With any luck they might develop a digital distribution system to combat the rampant piracy UT3 supposedly had, like or Steam.


                Originally posted by Sanch3z View Post
                I would love to see a People Can Fly made Unreal.
                If you really mean "Unreal" then I disagree. It would end up being a game with UT mechanics and no story (or another UT3), but if you mean "Unreal Tournament" then why not? Could be interesting.

                PS: Annually releases of UT would make it even worse (at least what concerns the player counts). The community is already split up into 4 parties (UC and Unreal not included).


                  yeah I meant UT. I keep forgetting that there were "Unreal" games back in the day.


                    **** UT is dead !? are all zombies round here !
                    i always had the feeling to have enough for my money with UT games; each engine last at least 4 years ,honnestly i m not ready to buy a new game each year....personnal opinion of course.What makes UT power and singularity is that huge interaction between the game & the community...Epic create the baby and give it to the community; we can do what we want with it: enjoy; complain or ignore it...customers seem to be more exigeant each release so i bet it s really difficult to satisfy in same time UTnewbies coming from COD land + addicts to UTgoty + addicts to UT2k4
                    cant we addapt to thoses changes? no more shield gun and dodge jump was really hurting me but i still here because i trust in UT and i love s a pure pleasure to "fight" on UNREAL maps with UNREAL weapons ...all is unreal; the speed; the moove; the jumps; the skins
                    i dont want to play a reallistic game with reallistic weapons and to pay each year for a new release...if i need a REAL TOURNAMENT i just need to engage myself in the army
                    my two cents; srry to be borderline or close to the offtopic....but all thoses "UT is dead" topics makes me ill and dont make justice to the efforts of the community...


                      There are still people clinging to the game. Old players come back for a day or two, then split for a while. The Epic Greed 1 server is very full during the afternoons in North America. MattMan's is still up now and then. Beer Drinkers for TDM. The FA2K BTA server. Jolt's vCTF server. Duels - currently my favorite gametype - are very hard to find these days but as long as there are people playing the game, I can't foresee myself stopping. I love this game (even though I rage at it now and then :P).

                      I tried looking for a game to play more often than UT3, but can't find one. I was never into RTS, so Starcraft 2 isn't that appealing. Random titles like Singularity are pretty cool, yet can't replace UT3 in my opinion. And I can't see myself playing MW2 for some reason.

                      I introduced 3 of my friends to UT3 so far and they love it, despite being relatively bad since it's their first exposure to a UT game. Ideally, UT3 will maintain and even increase its player count. I don't want to think about an end to UT games quite yet, though. Enjoy it while you can. And if/when UT finally ends, look back and say, "****... I had a blast."


                        The unreal tournament games build from each other. How many ppl here in the forums and still playing in the servers these days have never played any UT game previously? My bet is very few. In 99 you had tons of players playing the GOTY then slightly fewer playing 2k4 then even fewer playing UT3. Why would you expect UT4 to draw tons of ppl?

                        The game needs a new name I think to even be considered by the masses to play. Keep the fast paced game play of UT just call it something else.

                        Its sad when I play and see a noob standing still shooting rockets across the map at someone. They think this will work because it works in COD games. I used to sigh before I pulled out my sniper and head shoot em. Now I find myself just sighing and looking the other way for some fun action and battles.

                        ...point being that if ppl are entertained by the simple COD type game play then why would they play something that is harder?

                        ... kids these days ...


                          Wait a second!

                          Originally posted by ummie4 View Post
                          The game needs a new name I think to even be considered by the masses to play. Keep the fast paced game play of UT just call it something else.
                          Okay, but then it would truly be the DEATH OF UT. If you develop a new game which has just similarities with UT then it is definitely not UT.

                          An example:
                          Take Unreal 1: Return to Na Pali (or Unreal2). Make some changes here and there, try to keep the gameplay and call it "Planet 2350" (just a random name) and you're done. Congrats. You killed Unreal. Now would this game have anything in common with Unreal? Different atmosphere, weapons, fast Unreal-like gameplay and different name. It's not Unreal anymore.

                          Now let's do the same with UT:
                          Change some things to make the newcomers play it, keep the fast movement and firing rate of the weapons and call it "Advanced Warfare 2350 A.D.". Newcomers will demand more "newcomer friendly" gameplay. Gameplay will be changed in later versions. Now you have to take cover which is "only for the weaks" (reminds me of In Flames). Later they will demand a 3rd person shooter. Give it a story mode for the people which need a story.
                          Congrats. You got Gears of War.
                          Alternative possibility: You'd get Bulletstorm.

                          There are reasons why you shouldn't do this! Even if you just change the name: Would UT be UT without it's name and (U-)logo? I don't think so.

                          I already said how you could save UT:
                          Revive Unreal. It doesn't have a pseudo story like UT3 has. None of these games, neither the expansion pack of Unreal 1, nor Unreal 2 and 1 itself have a pseudo story but a real story. Not just maps you can also play in the practise session/instant action against bots like in UT3.

                          If people buy Unreal and like it, if they get used to its gameplay, they will demand a multiplayer version like they did back then in 1998! UT will be bought by them. It has the same weapons, the same gameplay and feel as UT. You will also have more skilled players in UT and they will be used to its gameplay because they played Unreal.

                          I know a lot of people who complain about the bad storylines in games nowadays. They all would like to play an extraordinary shooter with a good story. I've already shown Unreal 1 to a friend and he played the game and was so impressed by it that he didn't even realize that I was talking to him. It's from 1998. He already ordered it with the Anthology pack and he didn't play UT very often. Just occasionally. Now he plays it regulary. He can't wait for a new UT. He has become a "fan" of the series (although I don't know if he'll stay one for long. I'll report in 2 months again ).

                          This example shows: First they should make a new Unreal to attract the players to the game series itselft then they will also buy a new UT.


                            It can be done. All about timing in a "console driven market." UC2 was one of the best console shooters EVER, and by far the most unique.

                            Repeaat that, and eliminate the issues it had, and it'll be golden for the Unreal franchise on consoles. It had few issues overall, but it came out too close to Halo 2, and most Xboxers past it up, and no BC on 360 also shortened it's life considerably.


                              After all this, I'll say:
                              The game will never die. We will allways be here, and if we need to we can change the game to make it a bit more what we want of it.

                              Thats all