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    That was what I wanted to say with that but my English is pretty bad this week (maybe because I'm really exhausted) and I had to give examples.
    Personally I've been playing 2 gametypes: Assault and Capture the Flag. AS is out so I had to play CTF (only one gametype and that can be quite boring for like 6 months). But in CTF there aren't many players so I moved on to vCTF which has a few filled servers but it's a little bit boring (for example because of a Goliath or Darkwalker camping next to the flag).


      Are Epic Games doing anything to try and get this game popular again? It sucks going online and finding hardly any/no servers to play. Perhaps make UT3 a free, give-a-away game for 2 weeks? Users can download it for free and use it for 2 weeks, thus bringing in new users ... hopefully. When the free trial ends, some may decide to purchase.


        at this point, why not just bundle it to any unreal engine game that is sold via steam? so the steam players will always have portal, and ut3. and then people will have time to complete the achievements for ut3 (some of them require a good amount of time online)


          A lot of ideas are going around, not only in this thread but numerous others as well about reviving Unreal. I agree that we could really use an adventure full of atmosphere and unique enemies like the original did back in 98. I never got very far in the game, but I enjoyed what I played. A solid single-player campaign like back in the good ole' days with the online co-op and a good story would be excellent.

          Unreal Tournament is a multiplayer experience and should be the strongest MP experience available. The issue is that everyone has different opinions about how it should be done. I would like to see a focused game like UT99: a handful of game modes and tons of maps. Add in several original ideas to get the community involved and improve longevity. Low development and production costs could offset a low retail price and improve sales. Other people want to push the series forward with every gametype known to man and vehicles to be the end-all be-all multiplayer shooter.

          All very different directions for the same game.