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[UT3 Movie] Total Unreal

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    [UT3 Movie] Total Unreal

    YT watch:
    Fileplay download:

    This is ANTI-FRAGMOVIE, just funny situations, so don't search here pro frags.

    Crazys Top 10 Freak out:

    Cat girl UT3 model download:

    Movie info:
    - Size: 847 mb
    - File format: avi
    - Screen resolution: 1280x720
    - Frame Rate: 50 fps
    - Sound format: Lame mp3
    - Codec: x264 - H264/AVC encoder

    Used programs:
    - Adobe After Effects CS3
    - Adobe Photoshop 5.0
    - Fraps 3.2.3
    - Unreal Tournament III + RypelCam 3.0.5
    - Vegas Movie Studio Platinum 9.0
    - Virtual Dub 1.7.2
    - Pazera Free Audio Extractor 1.3
    - FL Studio 5.0

    Additional sounds: Quake 3 and Quake 4 sounds

    [00:00-00:20] UT 2004 Soundtrack - Rustatorium Theme
    [00:21-01:00] X-Ray Dog- Dethroned (remix)
    [01:18-07:12] DJ Farm - The Cow Song (Techno Remix)
    [07:13-10:28] Unreal1: Return To Na Pali - Bounds Of Foundry
    [10:49-11:38] Big Cyc - Kręcimy pornola

    Description: (sorry for my english )
    I made this movie about 3 months, if don't count collected demos, which i set aside on my hard drive since the beginning 2009. Then i didn't plane to make specific movie, but I gathered them, if in the future i'll decided to implement this type of project. I prefer to do funny videos than typical fragmovie, which often are similar one to another, and authors try to emulate with ideas. Game movies with the opposite consignment are rare. And often really is much to look, when we have absolutely fart frag, we're killing dumbself with spectacular method, wedge somewhere or get up to map place, where is impossible to jump even with hammer and boots. To make "Total Unreal" cheer me on short YouTube film one of UT3 players, which presented there some funny frags. Collected many months demos then be useful. Last... rather bold and unusual end's erotic scene, with UT3 characters, weren't apsolutely in plans, there had been something else, but friend propose me to do it and add as a bonus to the film, for laugh only. All the situations described in the "Total Unreal" are authentic, any scene - except this erotic - wasn't made on purpose, everything happened on the servers. So, an example situation with the blocked lift or Sava - Bloody_Bender conversation (in the film is a kind of parody) occurred on the servers. Also the title picture and movie's captions relate to characteristics some players, for example Enril hates campers, Sava likes to play with rocket launcher and sometimes judges someone about aimbots or vcrabo usually camps on Deck-FPS up with sniper rifle. The movie has not a cause to insult anyone - was done just for fun

    I loled at some parts !!! Seb4n n Gilas on the deck platform or bloody the cheater (hahahahha) and other parts too !

    Reminded me of a lot of my own fails tbh !

    Nj Xirios !!!


      what a good laugh! nice video & thx for sharing


        nice videosome funny frags
        lol it weird too see some shoot with left hand dont seed that much


          Thx guys

          Originally posted by coolcat22 View Post
          nice videosome funny frags
          lol it weird too see some shoot with left hand dont seed that much
          I have normaly off weapons view - always make on only to fragmovie or when play single player. And always this gun is on left side - on right is strangely for me I remember, that had left wepon view already in Unreal 1.


            some epic lols


              Nice... I'd say funny but I think that word is overused... I think most of those frags were lucky? :?

              Lol JK, great video, I was LMAO at some parts. XD


                Great video! Some pretty funny parts... the end "bonus scene" was hilarious .