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    Tips for UT newcomers - outdated

    Welcome to the UT community!

    Here is an accurate list with many tips for newcomers. It should help you to become more skilled and to understand a lot about theory in UT. Of course you should try to practise these things mentioned in this list -you won't become better by theory only.

    Commands & gameplay tips:
    General commands:
    (These are default keys only. If you changed them already, you'll probably have to look up this part if you read the rest of the list because it refers to the default keys)
    • W, A, S, D and arrows = movement keys (like in every other shooter)
    • You can switch weapons with 1 2 3 4 etc, of course you need to pick them up first.
    • Left mouse button=Fire
    • Right mouse button=AltFire
    • Scroll=weapon switch
    • E=use (press use to enter a vehicle or to enter a turret)
    • T=say command
    • F=feign death! Can be useful when you play in vehicle gametypes. When a Manta tries to kill you (roadkill) then simply feign death. It can't kill you even if it presses C to pancake you but it can kill you when it shoots at you or tries to pancake you with jump and C
    • Press and hold C=crouching
    • Press C two times=switch to crouching mode
    • Space or Ctrl (depending on what you prefer, I think space is the default key) = jump
    • Press a movement key twice in a direction = dodge (fast jump to that direction). This way an enemy can't hit you so easy
    • Press jump at the peak of a jump = double jump (useful when you want to get on a higher place)
    • You can switch through the seats of your vehicle with 1 2 3 4 ...
    • Tab=open console

    Commands for team based gametypes:
    • Q=switch to Translocator/Hoverboard and back to your previous weapon
    • R=teamsay command
    • Left mouse button while on Hoverboard = grapple (when a symbol appears). A Raptor, Fury or Cicada can carry a flag carrier or an orb carrier really fast this way
    • You can fly up with the jump key (space) and you can fly down with the crouch key (c) while in a flying vehicle (works for hovering vehicles very similar: jump key = jump; crouch key = quickly fly down (good for pancaking people))
    • Crouch key in vehicles like Hellbender, Scorpion, Hellfire SPMA = handbrake
    • You can use commands for bots in Instant Action / Single Player: Press V and press the numbers for the actions in the menu that pops up to navigate through it

    Gameplay tips:
    How to work as a team:
    • Teamwork! Without it you'll lose team based gametypes like (v)CTF, WAR or TDM
    • If you play TDM, don't try to do things on your own. Stay with your team else you'll be a victim and enemies will kill you and score!
    • Always cover your orb/flag carrier
    • Use teamsay for locations of your flag or orb. It wouldn't be good if the enemy would know where the flag/orb is
    • Always tell the others where the enemy orb carrier or flag carrier is when you play WAR or (v)CTF
    • You can type into your console "throwweapon" (without ") to throw your weapon so that a teammate can pick it up. You can also bind this command on a key. Take a look at the [PC] Keybinding Tutorial [sticky thread] if you don't know how

    How to move in UT:
    • how to walldodge: jump or double jump and when you touch the wall, press a movement key in the opposite direction. This way you can even move faster through the map and the enemy can't hit you as easy as before
    • Never ever stay at one place! Move and jump as much as you can or you'll die within a few seconds!
    • Try to jump and dodge as much as possible even when you fire at someone! This will make it harder to hit you.
    • The liftjump: When the lift you are using moves up, press jump in the exact same second when it stops moving up. This way you'll perform a liftjump and will jump very high. This is useful to reach higher places above the lift.
    • When you press and hold C while on the Hoverboard, you'll crouch on the Hoverboard. When you don't hold C anymore you'll jump. If you press let's say A for Left while holding and releasing C you'll make a trick on the Hoverboard. That will make it harder for enemies to hit you
    • There is another trick I discovered that you can perform while on the Hoverboard: Crouch on it and press the shoot button when you release the crouch button. If you hold the shoot button too long while in the air you will fall as if somebody would hit you. But if you hold it just for a short while (of course not too short) you will move the board up so that you can vault higher hurdles and sometimes even Mantas! It's a quite useful tactic and not very well known. Of course you should not be close to your teammate's vehicle because you will just grapple it with the beam then.
    • You can use the jump boots when you do a double jump (jump and at the peak of the jump you jump again). In the left corner of the HUD you'll see a human silhouette with glowing boots. Next to the boots there is a number. When you pick up the jump boots you'll have 3 jumps. 3 is the maximum you can have. If there's no need to use them, you should avoid double jumps.
    • In CTF you should try to use the Translocator (Q) wisely. You have only a limited number of shots. The module will reload itself after a while.
    • In vCTF and WAR you can use the Hoverboard (Q) to cover long distances. With C you can duck down while on the Hoverboard. This can be useful. Also try to make tricks from time to time so that you are not as easy to hit. If you see an enemy or if somebody is shooting at you, walk on foot! You are an easy target on the Hoverboard!

    Some information about vehicles and how to destroy them easily (or how to take out the player who uses it):
    • Many players I've seen don't know it: Cicada has a second seat. A turret. It's mighty.
    • DarkWalker has 2 seats, not only 1
    • You can try to kill an incoming Manta with the Impact Hammer AltFire when you've luck or good reflexes
    • You can headshot someone out of a Manta or of a Viper with the Sniper Rifle
    • Press the jump key (default: space) while in a Scorpion for boost and when "Press E" appears you can press E to jump out of the Scorpion. It's like a bomb then -self destruction. Can destroy a Goliath when it's damaged. If it has full health you can destroy it with 1x Scorpion self destruction + 3 Flak shots
    • You can jump on a Goliath's turret and shoot with the Flak Cannon at the Goliath. The Goliath can't hit you unless it uses the minigun turret (seat 2) or you can die by the explosion (rare). When the Goliath explodes while standing on it it will throw you to the ground and you will get some damage (but not much)
    • A Viper has self destruction as well (AltFire or jump key (space) and at the peak of the jump "E") Note that you must hold the key to fly high enough to activate the self destruction function
    • Scavenger might appear useless but you can roadkill people quite easily when you are in ball mode (AltFire) and you can use blades to kill your enemy even easier (hold Fire). To attack someone with regular fire, move with the cross hair so that it is on an enemy and press and hold Fire. The slow energy ball which is flying around you will follow this small laser and attack its target. It deals about 50hp damage per attack. It attacks really fast, about one hit per 1 or 2 seconds
    • You can headshot that guy who's on the Hellbender turret with a well placed shot
    • You can shoot the Hellbender's skymines (these projectiles which look like shock cores) with the Hellbender's beam to create a shock combo-like explosion. The beam will automatically lock on the nearest skymine. If there is a chain of skymines and you shoot one of them, you'll start a chain reaction and every single skymine will explode. You can also shoot an enemy skymine to destroy an enemy Hellbender. But in this case the beam doesn't automatically lock on the skymines. You need to aim well to hit the chain of skymines
    • You can shoot down a AVRiL missile with a well placed shot. If you are in a Goliath and nobody is on the second seat you should switch quickly with 2 to the Minigun turret and shoot the AVRiL missile down. When you are in a Hellbender you can destroy an AVRiL missile very easy when you shoot a few skymines and shoot them with the beam.
    • When you press forward two times very fast in a Scorpion, you'll activate the boost as well. The Scorpion has blades. You can open them when you press and hold AltFire. In combination with boost the player might have no chance to do anything.
    • A tactic I like to use: Feign death when a Goliath wants to roadkill you. Many players are confused and don't know what to do. When the Goliath passes you, you should wait until the player can't see you anymore or if it gets destroyed and the wreck is above your head: Don't get up! Wait until the wreck dissapears and when there's nothing on the screen anymore, wait for 1-2 seconds. In most cases the collision is still there and when you get up, you'll kill yourself!
    • Vehicles can be damaged by water. This can be useful if you want to get rid of a vehicle but you don't want the enemy to hijack it. Just drive into water and get out of the vehicle.

    How to use weapons correctly:
    • You can steer a Redeemer missile when you shoot it with AltFire but keep in mind that you can't see what's going on at your location then. Everybody could kill you. You should hide well. You can make it explode with Fire
    • Press Fire while loading missiles (AltFire) in your Rocket Launcher to switch between firing modes. Grenades are useful when you have to escape. Spiral is useful when an enemy is close to you. If you keep your crosshair long enough on a person it will lock on. The missiles you shoot then will haunt the enemy
    • You can destroy a Translocator disc to kill an enemy (it has about 100hp, like players or a bit more. Not sure). When he teleports he will be "telefragged"
    • Never use the Translocator when you've seen that the disc has been damaged unless you want to die
    • Pressing Fire after firing the Translocator disc calls it back
    • You can "telefrag" a person when you walk through a teleporter while a person stays in it or when you shoot a Translocator disc at a person and you teleport yourself when it touches that person
    • You can shoot around corners with the Flak Cannon. This can be quite useful
    • You can shoot a shock core (AltFire) with a shock beam (Fire) to create a so called Shock Combo. It's very powerfull and can instantly kill someone
    • If you use the Enforcer correctly it can be like a mini-Sniper Rifle (of course not as mighty but almost as precise as the Sniper Rifle). Shoot single shots (Fire, Fire, Fire,...) to hit an enemy at distance, don't press and hold Fire unless the enemy is not close enough. If the enemy is too close and you don't have any other weapon than the Enforcer, you can switch to the Impact Hammer, charge it and walk towards the enemy (don't release it by yourself! When you touch him you'll release it automatically and kill him)! OR you can use the Enforcer's AltFire for three fast shots, but keep in mind that you'll have to wait for about 2 seconds until you can fire the next shot
    • Double Enforcer can be very mighty as well
    • Stinger Minigun is good at distance when you don't have a Sniper Rifle or you don't want to bother with the slow firing rate of the Enforcer. The Stinger Minigun is very precise
    • Stinger AltFire can be very mighty in combination with the Berserk powerup (only for a limited period of time) and the Udamage as well
    • When someone hits you on the Hoverboard, you'll fall to the ground. Most people use the Stinger to hit someone on the Hoverboard because it's very precise and has a fast firing rate
    • You can heal vehicles with the Link Gun's AltFire
    • You can steal enemy vehicles by shooting the AltFire beam at them if nobody is inside the vehicle but you won't get a hijacked award then (but seriously: Who cares about awards? ). The beam can also be very powerful against enemies (more than the Stinger) when you are close enough and (of course) when you hit him/her very often
    • The AVRiL can kill someone with one shot. If you see that the person doesn't move and is sniping for example, you can shoot him/her with an AVRiL missile. In most cases this will result in an instant kill (only if the target has no shield, armor, etc)
    • Use the Longbow AVRiL's AltFire to let a missile quickly lock on onto an enemy vehicle. A well known tactic is that you have a loaded AVRiL and wait for an enemy Manta until it is close enough to shoot it with a missile (first shoot in the air and then let it lock on with AltFire). Note that the AltFire lock-on method will let everybody know where you are because there is a laser visible. Try it with simply keeping the crosshair on this vehicle when you want to stay hidden
    • You can lock with the AVRiL the SPMA camera . When the AVRiL reaches it (you still have to be locked on it) , you get the msg "spma target acquired" and the AVRiL changes course to hit the SPMA even if its not on your FOV. (After you got the message you don't need to be locked on it)
    • If someone destroys the AVRiL missile when you shoot it and it's too close to you, you'll get killed by it (suicide. You get -1 in score). Of course you can use this tactic against the other players. When you see that they want to fire an AVRiL missile at you, take your Stinger Minigun and shoot at him
    • WARNING: The Longbow AVRiL can kill you when you fired a missile just a second ago and it missed it's target and you hijack an enemy vehicle. Suddenly the AVRiL missile will haunt you because you still had the AVRiL selected when you entered it. The missile locks on onto the hijacked enemy vehicle because it was an enemy vehicle at that time before you entered it (bug, has to do with the fact that you can't switch your weapon until the missile exploded; happened to BlueCloud and me)

    Additional gameplay info:
    • Always listen to your surroundings! Footstep sounds are useful if you want to know where an enemy is
    • Headshots can be avoided when you wear the helmet but keep in mind that when it is too much damaged you can get a headshot again. The helmet will only protect you from 25hp of damage or a single headshot
    • Camping with the Hellbender twin beams and sniping on foot will improve your aiming skills and is an effective way to take out orb/flag carriers from a distance. Especially if the orb/flag carrier is on a Hoverboard. UT3 Torlan (WAR map) is a perfect example.
    • Udamage gives you 2x as much damage as before for a short period of time. Try to get this pickup when it appears. Used with the right weapons (Rocket Launcher with 3 missiles loaded for example) it can be really deadly.
    • The invisibility pickup can be quite useful when you try to capture the enemy's flag for example but once you got the flag every one knows where you are because they hear the alarm and the announcement, see you on the radar and see the flag walking around
    • Play offline to learn how the maps look like and play online to become better. Players are way better than bots (most of them)
    • For better performance and a better ping you should set your grafics settings to low unless you have a computer which can deal it
      Use the UT3 tweak guide to make your UT look better and run smoother
    • You should have a good mouse pad and a good mouse. Play a bit around with the mouse sensitivity until you have a result you like. If you like to play with low sens,. it has its advantages as well because you have to move and jump a lot to hit your target. It's good to practise it. On the other side you won't be able to quickly look up into the air to hit someone. Every player prefers different mouse settings (depending on your mouse and your mouse pad as well) and different controls. Change the controls so that you can play best with it and so that you like it
    • The ranking system doesn't really say anything about your skill level. Don't care about your rank. When you're a good player you'll know it.
    • You can make friends in UT3. That can be quite useful, because there are many empty servers nowadays. If you have made friends you can check if they are in a game if you can't find any filled server and join them by "following" them
    • Never get the weapon near you when you respawn if there is an enemy beside it except if you want to die
    • Try to use every weapon and learn when you have to use them at the right moment! (you can't describe it well, that's why I think you should try to figure it out by yourself e.g. Flak Cannon's AltFire for distance and Fire for close range combats but sometimes it's quite useful to shoot someone a Flak shell right into his face when he's a bit closer. This will be an instant kill if he has no shield or not 199 health)
    • Pay attention to chat messages! They are an important feature in team based gametypes! Communicate with your team to have better teamwork! (When talking to your team you should use the teamsay command)

    __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ _______________________
    [U]Other tips:[U]
    • You should try to stick to the server rules (if there are any). At least if you want to play on specific servers. Some admins are strict and might kick or even temporally ban you if you don't do so.
    • Don't argue with people, try to stay cool, even if the enemy is better than you and if he wants to argue. This is only a game. There's no reason for raging. You should try to keep this in mind. If you're raging you become worse because you are not as concentrated as before. This will result in more anger and you'll be p***ed off
    • If you play against better players you'll improve your gaming skills. Same goes for teams. If you play against a better team you'll learn better teamwork and this might improve your skills as well.
    • Don't leave a match only because you're losing it. Try to play until the end. This will help you to improve your skills.

    What to do when you spot a cheater and you're sure that this player really cheats?
    • If this player is currently on this server, first try to contact the admin.
    • If the admin couldn't do anything against him/her either report him/her to Epic directly or post here at this forum. People will be able to help you in most cases

    Video "lessons" (See how advanced players play the game and try to learn their tactics):
    Training (maps):
    __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ _______________________

    Optional things:
    • You should response to "Hi" and "Bye"
    • Loading screen quote: "Practise good sportsmanship. You were a n00b once too."; That means as much as "give the enemy a chance".
    • If a good player wants to join the losing team just because of sportsmanship but he can't because both teams are equal, a message will appear: "[Name] is requesting a team swap". Pay attention to this message and to help the losing team, you can swap with the good player (ESC->Game->change team).
    • If someone killed you with an incredible shot you can say "nice shot" or "ns" -the shortform of nice shot.

    __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ _______________________

    And the most important thing:
    Have fun while playing!

    (Improvements for this list are welcome)

    # Camping won't make you better
    # Spawnkilling is BAD and UNFRIENDLY
    # Basecamping is (like spawnkilling and (imo) camping) not fair play
    # Flagcamping is unfair
    Every single one of those is completely fine, UT isn't tiddlywinks!


      flak one you make this 1 sticky and tell it too multipaly too so new pll no where too go too


        Thanks for your nice comments, guys
        Yea I actually wanted it to be a sticky thread (but I don't want to bother Flak with PMs just to sticky this. I think she has better things to do) because last time I've played a match I noticed that some newcomers were playing as well and I had somehow a guilty conscience because I killed them really easily They didn't even know how to fly high with a Raptor, didn't know that they are extremly vulnerable to enemy attacks while on the Hoverboard and because of that they hovered straight into your direction, didn't matter if you shot at them or not. After a while I thought to myself: "Nah, I won't kill them anymore, I'll give them a chance." I think that could be also something I could add to my list, what do you think?

        Also I noticed some flagcampers and spawnkillers in that match :/ I just had to add my personal opinion to this list Maybe this will change things a little bit if newcomers read that spawnkilling and basecamping and such stuff is just unpolite and that it shouldn't be practised. Maybe -when these actual spawnkillers stop playing this game because they are bored and want to play something else- we will have less spawnkillers and more skilled players. I want to play against more skilled players because it makes just more fun, if you know what I mean
        This list could help newcomers to become better because they can read a lot about theory.


          A translocator disc doesn't have anywhere near 100 hp. Whoever told you that is wrong.


            Does anybody know how much it has exactly?
            It was just a suggestion. From what I have seen it always took me and others about 2 missiles to destroy a disc. That would be about the same damage you have to deal to a player to kill him. I'm a bit confused. Might be because I worked a bit too much on a project in the last time. I'm just over-worked I think


              Originally posted by Sly. View Post
              What to do when you get spawnkilled over and over?
              • You should report it to the admin.
              • If no admin is available at the moment, leave the game if you have no fun because of spawnkillers. Join another server.
              That depends on the gametype.

              In Duel/DM/TDM if you complain about a spawn killer, you're just going to be laughed at by the admin. Most likely in NW CTF as well. :c


                Waste of time man.


                  Okay I should have written that you should only report it when it is a serious spawnkilling problem in gametypes except Duel, TDM and DM.
                  Corrected. Thanks for mentioning this


                    Maybe something add:
                    Originally posted by Sly. View Post
                    Commands & gameplay tips:
                    General commands:
                    • You can switch weapons with 1 2 3 4 ... , of course if need to pick them up first.


                      Put all weapons around your movement keys , its easier to switch between weapons this way . Spent some time to get used to all this buttons .

                      New players tend to swap weapons only by using the mouse wheel. Instant handicap even if the only difference between their opponent(same = skill,connection to the server ,whatever) is that he has every weapon on a different key .


                        Updated list. Well I think they should first learn the basics and then they could move on to the more complex controls. Maybe someone should open a thread 'Best keyboard settings for UT pro's' or something like that That would be a great help for many advanced players.


                          Originally posted by Sly. View Post
                          Updated list. Well I think they should first learn the basics and then they could move on to the more complex controls. Maybe someone should open a thread 'Best keyboard settings for UT pro's' or something like that That would be a great help for many advanced players.
                          Controls , lower sens , no mouse acceleration are things that is better to get used to them from the start imo.


                            Originally posted by DrUnKenSTeiN View Post
                            Controls , lower sens , no mouse acceleration are things that is better to get used to them from the start imo.

                            I remember when I first started I had something crazy like 1" for a 360 turn.


                              "Camping won't make you better"

                              with repetition camping the hellbender twin beams and sniping on foot will improve your aim and is an effective way to take out orb carriers from a distance. Especially if the orb carrier is on their hoverboard. UT3 Torlan is a perfect example.