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UT3 group for Blackberry users (PC)

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    UT3 group for Blackberry users (PC)

    hey guys/girls.

    I'm gonna start a first attempt at a Blackberry group for UT3 players on PC. You need blackberry messenger 5.0 to join.

    Would be a nice forum to get some ppl together to play. You can share pictures post in the groups calendar to try to get some organized games together. You can start chat threads based on game types. Share ventrilo information and so on.

    If you would like to join the group post your PIN along with your in game name as a reply to this thread and ill add you when I can.

    Think this could be really cool if we get lots on.


    This is a great idea! Thinking you should post this over on BBForums or Crackberry as well, probably more people with BBs watching those forums. And you might even convince some FPS lovers to give UT3 a shot, would be nice to see more new players in the game.

    I joined up to the group, so lets get that group filled up! Good way to let other people know if a server is active and there's a good match going on.


      Good idea hatax. Ill give post over on crackberry. Guess alot less ppl own blackberrys than I thought. Its open to anyone even the new guys, tho I would like to get the warfare ppl on here. Where ya at dudes!?


        Yeah, I don't have a BlackBerry. :P


          HTC ftw!


            lol Lnfra you still on the forums but not in the game anymore, whats up with that.

            There was alot of old war players on epic 3 last night, oldy, Iruk, beastwood, midnight. actually was some good game play for a change.