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Ripper & Loading 6 Missile?

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    I didn't try Parsers Ripper yet but I'll download and test it. Might be that you always kill yourself because of all these complex static meshes
    I totally agree that the 6-rocket Rocket Launcher (Eightball) was great! I don't understand why they used the 3-rocket RL again. I want my Eightball back! Okay they made the rockets stronger now but 6 rockets were just more fun. Everytime when I play UT99 I have these thoughts:
    "What if Epic would have made a UT99 remake? Would it be the same? In UT3 everything is so dark and all this Necris stuff is annoying. What would the remakes look like? Would they look like those in UT3, completly different for some reason? Would the Ripper be included and what's with the Rocket Launcher with his 6 rockets?"
    I hope that UT4 will be like UT99 or a nice mixture of UT2004 movement and UT99 weapons. That would be great. Imagine double-dodging with the Eightball or the Ripper LOL That would be just too funny

    PS: Would be nice if anybody could remake the UT99-Eightball (with mesh and sounds!) and if anybody could make a mesh for Parsers Ripper.


      6-rocket worked because of how long it took to load up six rockets. If your enemy can't kill you before the 6th loaded, then he deserved to die by a salvo of missiles.

      And as for people loading up 6 rockets and just spamming them around corners--that's quite an ammo gamble. Maybe you'll get a kill or two, or maybe you'll have wasted half your ammo for nothing.

      As for the ripper, I agree that it was partially due to the mesh collisions that they removed it in UT2k3--but in UT3, the Viper proves that this mechanic works despite the meshes, so I resort to the "spam" excuse. It was tons of fun and I would have liked to see it return since it's one of the iconic Unreal weapons, but yes it was a spammy weapon. Very easy to get headshots with it. But I think the construction of UT3 maps would have made it less effective as a spam weapon--then again, this can be tested with that ripper mutator.

      Barring vehicle game modes, UT99 was the deadliest UT.



        Originally posted by Sourpuss View Post
        6 Rockets was never a problem in UT99 and that was the most popular UT of them all.
        Different movement. Different speed. Other weapon balances were different. It's like comparing Oranges and Apples. May both be fruit but they're not the same thing. All I see you post is about how popular ut99 was/is on a ut3 forum. I don't get why you still hang out in this forum. Etc.


          Originally posted by host View Post
          Does anybody know why they removed the Ripper (Which was the coolest gun in game history) and made it so you can only load 3 missiles in rocket launcher instead of 6 which worked better IMO? Of course this isn't the first unreal to do so but I was just wondering why they did it in the first place.
          the Punisher Six mutator, get it ... it's the RL with 6 rockets

          Ripper subject was addressed already...


            Thanks, I'll try it out
            The 6-missile-RL was still fair. When you died while loading the rockets you didn't shoot them. There were no rockets which you could shoot after your death when you died while loading it.