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    gtx 490

    I just saw this card in a local pc store, brand new, texture fill rate,
    I couldnt believe my eyes, if I remember right, about 80 billion triangles per second? The 470 is about 39 billion triangles per second. Comparing to like a GTX 270-290, those are about 8 billion. Massive jump.

    499 buckeroos, I recall when the GF 4400 debuted it was THE best card (many moons ago), and I plunked 400 bucks down for it. Its a dead card today, my older gf 5600 was cheaper and beats it out. And for now my current vidcard gt 7900 flies past it, but the this gtx 490 is light years ahead. Going saying it matches the ATI card, which obviously gets NVidia caught up, andif you ask me, poised to pass the ATI card, and BTW you can SLI them. Double-triple your fun.

    DX11 support. Ready for nextgen? here you go.

    I think the 490 is in my near future if they don't get another card out faster soonish.

    And EPIC leans to console gaming business model? Pfft, with these cards now, xbox,ps3,wii mean nothing to me.

    Still no consoles here, when Xbox came out my current PC was still better than it, and my current PC is still better than the 360, and all the technology had leapt beyond the consoles already.

    Yeh alright I hear about the console market its a big mass market for the turnkey audience, EPIC don't forget the PC, you have to make that killer game on the PC whatever it comes to. Make them consolers look at what they are missing on the PC, just like all the console games not on the PC.

    I am aware of all the issues about the PC market, you still can't ignore it.


    That's a pretty sick setup.


      It's actually the GTX480 and its been out for a bit now.


        I'll relook at the card net time I visit, but I swear it was 490, the salesman said they just came in


          Make sure you have a direct power line connection to the nearest nuclear power plant, especially if you're going to sli two of those things!


            Originally posted by kbozz71 View Post
            Make sure you have a direct power line connection to the nearest nuclear power plant, especially if you're going to sli two of those things!
            Good thing I have three of them in my town.


              I'm still running my gtx260 and I have no intention of switching it for at least another year, maybe more.

              UT3 was the biggest strain on my system before I upgraded my mobo/cpu, I've forgotten what it was like to get sub 100 fps in that game. Maybe l4d can sometimes bring my frames a bit lower when there's 50000000 zombies on the screen but it's not often at all.


                The GTX 490 is the dual GPU version of Fermi that is rumored to have like 375W TDP lol.

                Oh and GTX 490 would be way overkill for UT3, it would benefit more by faster CPU (or quad core if you still got dual).

                At the rather low quality settings I use in UT3 for best possible visibility it already runs like 200 - 500 FPS (300~350 avg) on my setup with fps limiter disabled.