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binaryDMG a UT3 Frag Movie

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    binaryDMG a UT3 Frag Movie

    ---]==[binaryDMG a UT3 Frag Movie.]==[---

    [shot][/shot] [shot][/shot] [shot][/shot]
    ----Movie Info----

    Created by: Cr4zyB4st4rd


    Filename: binaryDMG.mp4

    Release: 18th May 2010

    Length: 6 minutes 05 seconds

    Filesize: 871MB

    Resolution: 1920x1080

    Frame Rate: 30FPS

    Video Codec: x264

    Audio Codec: AAC

    ----Video Music----

    Intro: Of Porcelain - M83 Skin of the Night

    1: Blue Stahli - Overklock
    2: Blue Stahli - Mystique
    3: Blue Stahli - The Pure and The Tainted

    Ending: Blue Stahli - Premeditated

    ----About Movie----

    This video is created by myself using only my frags in Unreal Tournament 3. Some from demos dating back to 2008, a couple refused to play properly and have no 1st person views. And many of the demos just refused to play atall Those that did had issues with characters, so there is a ton of demoman!
    The vast majority of this frag movie is nothing but some prediction and ********* luck. But hey. Luck > Skill.
    I created this for fun, and to hopefully entertain people. Im not the best player in the game, so some of the frags may seem average to you, but whatever, I had fun.
    Most of the games are from BTA(LMS/TAM) however some Duel, TDM, iCTF and Warfare footage is in there too.
    Thanks to RypelCam, without it this movie would have quite possibly been nothing but 1st person, or very bad 3rd person.
    It's taken just over 2 weeks, to record, edit, change, fix, swap frags, edit some more, get annoyed at, render, realise its not right, re-render, fix it some more, render, encode and upload.


    To all of those people that still play this game. It's got it's stupid flaws but can still be good fun.

    Special thanks to Azurescorch, Nammo, HybridWorld, UponAll1, Sp00ner, yours3lf and Llonewolf for their feedback and awesomeness.

    Stream or Download from Fileplay

    Stream from YouTube

    Download from Youtea

    Download from (Thanks Zoro!)

    Download from

    Awesome editing is awesome tbh.


      Very good.


        Originally posted by azurescorch View Post
        Awesome editing is awesome tbh.
        Overused meme is overused. But yeah, the editing was nice, even if I wasn't in the movie.


          Originally posted by demoniac View Post
          Overused meme is overused. But yeah, the editing was nice, even if I wasn't in the movie.
          Well sorry Mr.Serious.


            Apology accepted.


              Congratulations on finally finishing it Cr4zy. You should be proud of it! Lots of great frags, great editing, great music choice. I rate it higher than Alas and Abracadabra but then again I'm probably a bit bias


                Originally posted by demoniac View Post
                Apology accepted.

                And I mean those times when I killed Crazy were obviously edited out.
                idd, misread "I" as "it". tbh I think I need to get my eyes checked, not seeing things so good lately.


                  wow good video crazy
                  some nice kills


                    Great frag vid idd !!! Nice job Cr4zy !





                        I'm in there, so it's awesome by default.


                          ohi, very nice idd, atleast i got some role in there aswell

                          u always need sth good to start with


                            Well done gives me hope, I considered making a video from only my own frags. However, it's not amazing or anything - all I ever want to see is endless cuts of kickass frags and could care less about editing, but thats just my opinion.

                            I also notice the demo's (the actual demorec's, not the video itself) seem to be recorded at 30fps, unfortunate but bound to happen sometimes. Makes twitch shots look really odd from first person view.

                            All-in-all a good video, great editing

                            PS: this download mirror is pitiful.


                              I approve of this frag video.

                              Very nice special effects, btw.