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    Dear Mr.Epic

    what would be the downside in releasing a new patch, we just need a few minor bugs fixed, its more like a hotfix, which i guess would take less than a few hours to make..

    the way i see it, there is no downside, it could only be positiv, and c'mon it must be a pain in the **** to see a game as bad as quake live have more success than ut3..seriusly quake live is a really really bad game, which ut3 aint is..

    so c'mon one last effort to give ut3 the success it deserves, thats all there have to be done..and by this i dont mean another titan pack...nope something for the competive community, and last or atleast a fix for the tdm character (Faction) movement sounds, c'mon girls grunting like men...

    give us this Dear Mr.Epic please

    sad but true.


      They've given up on this game so I guess we just have to make do with what we have been left with. Bugs aside I still manage to have fun.


        While I agree with Nammo, the way I see it is that Epic is just busy with Gears of War 3 right now. Who can blame them for that? But after they had finished Gears 2, they made the 2.0 patch and the Titan Pack for UT3. So, my hopes are that after they finish Gears 3, they will return to Unreal (Tournament 3).

        I guess the best thing they could do would be an entire new version of the game, similar to UT2004. Take all we have with UT3, add about 40 new levels (that would make a hundred, yay), some new revolutionary gametype, a new campaign and a new menu system, take care of the biggest issues of UT3 and we would have a winner. That would be the best chance to revive the game, I guess.

        Of course they could just make an entirely new game, probably "Gears of War: Reach" for XBox360 (duh...), but as I see it, there's still tons of potential hidden in UT3.


          Actually it wasn't Gamespy it was one of their service providers that had a failure which caused a major outage.

          If you are still experiencing any issues please post them in a new thread.