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What was to be of Unreal 3...

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    What was to be of Unreal 3...

    Yes, I made it rhyme on purpose

    Anyway, I was curious, after doing some digging around, about exactly how much Unreal Tournament 3 actually changed in its development stages to what we got now. Features that were planned and never made, made but not released, story (if any), characters/factions that were planned and/or cut, gameplay changes, etc.

    I know that at one point it was to be another UT2k3/4 game with the enhanced Unreal 3 engine, and that there are several characters in the default game but not unlockable without a mod. Unused Character Parts

    Is there a site that details such things, or can someone be kind enough to impart this information upon me? Please and thank you.

    Here is a good start


      Videos from around 2006


        Originally posted by nfleming View Post
        Most of that stuff appears to be hearsay. The only sign of Thunder Crash is Malcolm, and he's pretty much only a cameo appearance. Where is the evidence that the Juggernauts were ever in UT3? Concept art? Gameplans? Same with the Anubans/Nahkti, to which there is zero reference ANYWHERE...


          More details on the next Unreal Engine 3 powered Unreal Tournament game have surfaced, taken from the May 2005 issue of Computer Gaming World magazine.If you missed our earlier report on the details of UT "Envy" that are emerging (including details of the massive new "Conquest" gametype), you can click here to view it. We've also posted four screenshots from the article. Links can be found at the bottom of the list below...

          ◦"Envy" is Epic's code name for the next UT.
          ◦Expect UT2004's "bounciness" to be toned down in the next UT.
          ◦The double-jump is back.
          ◦It is possible that "Envy" will not be called "Unreal Tournament 2006" or "Unreal Tournament 2007".

          ◦Nine 'Axon' vehicles taken from UT2004: ECE
          ■The Scorpion buggy now comes with an XMP-style rocket booster, as well as an 'eject' button which turns it into a self-destructing bomb.
          ■Scorpion now features Rocket Launchers instead of UT2004's energy web.
          ■Goliath tank may feature destructable treads this time around.
          ◦Nine new Necris vehicles
          ◦Rocket Launcher
          ◦Flak Cannon
          ◦Link Gun
          ◦Shock Rifle
          ◦Sniper Rifle
          ◦Dual Enforcers
          ◦Stinger (from Unreal 1 and Unreal Championship 2, replaces the Minigun)
          ◦Canister Gun (houses Grenade Launcher, Mine Layer, Bio Rifle)

          ◦Nakhti (Egyptians from UC2)
          ◦The Corrupt
          ◦Iron Guard
          ◦Jacob's Team (Marines?)
          ◦"Player's Team" (Unnamed)


          They were mentioned in previews, but it is not known if in-game models were ever made.


            Yeah, the first time I saw the darn thing... ah sweet memories.