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Im thinking of buying this game...

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    Originally posted by Kaylila View Post
    What is the multiplayer like today, meaning is it still pretty active?

    Is the campaign good?
    I bought UT3 in X360 since the beginning. There were a lot of players before. Now I have to say that it's very inactive . Get the game in PC, that's all.

    Campaign? Well, campaign in Unreal is never so 'good', just here to train your aiming and to learn mods.

    Originally posted by Kaylila View Post
    Lastly, what are the achievements in the game like? Do I need a friend (or more) to get all the achievements (I have no friends with this game, maybe you want to be my friend)? Seeing as how it is an EPIC game I want 100% gamerscore...

    Any other things that I should consider before buying the game?
    Yes, you need to play with someone to unlock all achievements.


      Originally posted by TourianTourist View Post
      I think you confused left and right here. And you don't have to load up three rockets, if you're fast you can even shoot a single grenade.

      To explain it more simply: "While loading the secondary fire up, you can switch through the three different fire modes with the primary fire button." The crosshair then shows you a small text with "Spiral", "Grenades" or no text for the default wide-spread shot.
      Indeed you are correct - thanks for clearing it up.


        Originally posted by tranix View Post
        Unreal Tournament 3 rocks...I suggest you to get it.
        What good is it if the online multiplayer part of the game is dead? (It was never really alive to begin with.) He would be better off just getting UT 2004 and/or UT99 IMHO. People are still playing UT 2004 Onslaught and Invasion-RPG and people are still playing UT99 CTF.


          people still play ut3. not as many. but enough to have fun and enough for greed, warfare, vctf, tdm, ictf to all be semi active