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Downtown. The central point (Tank) gives immunity when time out.

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    Downtown. The central point (Tank) gives immunity when time out.

    Hello. Sorry for my english (using Google T). Will be brief. I want a mini mod for map Downtown. When 20 minutes passed and came time out and both cores are losses, those who have seized a central single point (Tank) is immune to damage from time to time.

    There is a battle of the middle point, to which no one approach will not. Perhaps this will reduce the map at the end, plus more fighting in the center.

    It can be used on the official server Epic?

    In over time, if u control node u have less dommage at ur core so it s important to contol the tank node, u don t need to reduce the map for my view
    and if u do ur modification there ll be pp just taking vehicule for camp in the last node resting so it ll be lame and boring ...


      I have the feeling we are talking about different maps.
      Are you talking about Downtown Necris?
      And yes, as Pemp has already said, the more nodes you control the less damage your core gets - in overtime.
      I don't see any point for some kind of mod.

      P.S. Usually, Downtown (and Downtown Necris) aren't maps that never end



        Sorry for the illiterate text. I'm talking about the usual Downtown. But few people are central to control whether a single point. I definitely noticed that there is always the party in control of the mid-point of diminishing. Control whether the mid-point and grab the other points is very difficult. No one in the center. Tank with a large number of players (almost always) and the Titans are not very strong. Even in the rare defense at the second and fourth point.

        Many even shoot their when they go to capture the center.

        Time out is rarely, but plus one additional point of being offset by adverse effects. Path to Radimer the same from any point (more profitable with the third point, there are shoes).

        Maybe I do not understand why? People are angry when someone will carry Orb in the center. In the center of almost no one. Is not it?

        And more. Why Downtown necris central point is connected?

        Is it possible that the admins (if this is possible), try to experiment to give a bonus midpoint immunity to timeout? Has anyone tried it do? I did not notice this. How much less damage to the control of the mid-point?

        Thanks for the answers.


          Okay, to make it clear:
          On Downtown (neither Necris nor Two Fronts) there are 4 nodes.
          Prime Node - Center Node - Prime Node and the Tank Node.
          The Tank Node is - as you can already see - not the Center Node, and it is not linked to other Nodes.

          It is not good to use an orb for the Tank Node, because it will spawn near the core, which is not effective.
          (Takes too much time until someone brings it to the other Nodes.)
          When a match on Downtown starts, the orb should aim for the Center, while the Manta is building the Prime node.
          As soon as the Prime is built, you should be able to get the Center.
          A tank without the Center is not that strong, believe me.
          (And camping on the Prime spawn zone is an exploit and some admins will kick you.)
          Anway, I think the tank's best position is the center.

          I'm not the natural born modder, but I'm 99,9% sure admins cannot simply make it the way you suggested.
          That's the way Warfare works.
          The more nodes you control in overtime, the more damage you will deal to the enemy core.
          (I don't think a special mod is needed - let's see what other members say.)



            Thank you. It's all right. But the problem is that the middle point of almost not give a bonus, and minus from the ownership point always felt. And those who do not know are on the center - make it difficult. This rand.

            On the map Floodgate is balanced. Possession of the average will give a bonus point - a good bonus. It seemed, on the map Downtown opposite. It seems that everything is clear - capture the point Tank and often lose. Catches point Tank with attack its core - is more likely to lose.

            I do not understand. Why is the middle point of Tank does not give more bonuses? No turrets, no rapid emergence of combat vehicles, no attack on the enemy core. But the main thing - the desire to prevent the enemy captured this point.

            Maybe I'm wrong, tank and two Manta solves everything .... but there are so many scorpions. Why do I need to capture point Tank? And not, for example, the center (third point) and a balcony upstairs? Thank you.


              Currently I don't have this game installed, so I can't test it.
              Try this and tell me what happens:
              Start an Instant Warfare match without bots and set the time to a little value (few minutes.)
              Only get the tank node and then check the scoring.
              Both cores should lose the same amount of health.
              This node is independent of the core - it's not comparable to Floodgate, PowerSurge, ColdHarbor and so on.

              Tank node lets you more quickly reach the enemy core.
              A tank is strong and it's effective to make spawnkilling while your team is attacking the enemy core.
              Don't be afraid of Scorpions, just get out of your Manta, shoot an Avril and shoot with your Shock Rifle - or just avoid them.
              And when it comes to overtime, fight for the center - that's why 2 Mantas and one tank are effictive.


                Originally posted by Flying seal View Post
                Maybe I'm wrong, tank and two Manta solves everything .... but there are so many scorpions. Why do I need to capture point Tank? And not, for example, the center (third point) and a balcony upstairs? Thank you.
                sry but you re wrong a tank isn t unstopable and there s the paladin at core (very powerfull when well used) and the manta can be easely destroyed too (lame vehicule for hit and run by behind) with avril or simply with flack when they charge u idiotly
                so no the tank node isn t the solution. It s just a help and sometimes a big help for attack ( not for camp ) and naturally win the map


                  The tank is a showstopper - if used in the right hands.

                  I have played matches in downtown where I have been in the tank for 10+ minutes, holding the center node. As long as the driver keeps his back protected, and constantly watching ALL entry points towards him he is invincible.

                  Manta, no worries. You should see them coming and shoot where they will be.

                  Scorpion no worries. Again see them early and take them out on their way in.

                  Redeemer no worries. Change to the minigun and shoot it out of the air.

                  The only way you can be taken out if multiple peoplle go for you at once from different directions. And even if they do, thats two or three enemies not at their node, which will make it easier for the rest of the team to take out.

                  Overall downtown is probably the best warfare map, and hence should be left untouched.


                    lol u can keep it 10 min on public server
                    try to do this against a organised team, you ll be raped quickly or you're good or lucky with a tank (not difficult )