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UT3 [PS3] 1v1 Tournament March 27th

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    UT3 [PS3] 1v1 Tournament March 27th

    Same thing as last time, only much more organization this time. Approximately $1500 payout for this tournament....We'll have a single-elimination, 8 man invitational.

    The stakes are much higher this time and the games will be played to the best of 5. We have 3 people capable of streaming now, so surely we'll be able to keep everyone entertained. is teaming up with us ( to bring the UT3 community this event.

    All of the details can be found in our 4th episode of the radio show. We interviewed hypno (team k1ck), wopr-1 (iAMgaming), and bird_is_fna in episode 4. Thanks to the support from everyone... please join us on Saturday on
    our stream page.

    Nice interview, very enjoyable to listen to. Thanks


      Everything is set for the tournament. We have a match schedule prepared this time around. The last was double elimination - this one is single. All matches will be streamed and only one played at a time.

      Custom pc for 1st place.
      Samsung 23" LED monitor for 2nd.

      Show your support (Saturday) if you happen to be online, join the stream and chat.


        Very nice Killing spree, keep on that way .

        /me secretly hopes for sthg similar for ut3 pc in Europe....