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    What happened to...?

    So what happened to the events on the top of the screen such as:

    "Karag was electrified by Malcolms Shock Rifle"


    "Karag was ripped to shreds by Malcolms Flak Cannon"

    Is there something wrong with my user interface?
    Is this feature just not in the game?
    Is the feature in the game, but I have to turn it on?

    I find it extremely annoying that I don't know what is going on in the game. When I am running with the flag, for instance, I don't know if my team is taking care of business behind me because it doesn't say anything like this. I have been playing UT 99 my whole life and I've decided to give UT3 a try, but the lack of battle messages is killing me.

    Originally posted by TweakGuides


    If set to False, this option allows for classic UT death messages to be shown in green in the lower left of the screen. The death of all players will be described in a sentence as they happen.
    There's also UTTeamGame aswell iirc. Set them to false and you have the messages back.


      Open the UTGame.ini and check if "bNoConsoleDeathMessages" is set to "false". There are two entries, one for is for your teammates.

      Edit: Cr4zyB4st4rd was faster. ^^


        I have both of these set to False. I do see the death messages displayed on the screen, however, when I bring up the console, the messages are not recorded there:
        as they were in UT2K4:

        As I recall, I did see these messages in the UT3 console early on, in the Demo and/or in the full game, right after I got it and (probably) before I started tweaking it. I kind of miss not being able to go back and look in the console to see what has been going on.

        Any ideas on how to get the death messages back into the console in UT3?