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    UT Division Recruiting

    RECRUITING: We are looking for UT beginners or UT veterans who are at least 15 years old and are respectful to others and want to learn to act within a team and improve your skills. It doesn't matter how good you are, we don't judge, we also sucked at one point. It's all about the fun of playing together with great people.

    The UT3 (pc version) division of TAW ( currently has 23 members. TAW as a whole, is made up of 888 members split up over about 16 PC games. TAW provides a multi-game environment dedicated to fun and respect and learning. Each division/game acts independently within the TAW organization.

    We have an IT department, graphics department, multi-media department and we have people who are skilled in getting every last fps out of your system. If you are having trouble running the game, we can help.

    Some of our core rules are: no cheating, no swearing, respect all players (TAW members and pubbers).

    We are international and are military themed. The UT division currently has people from Australia, Greece, UK, US, Canada, Croatia, Indonesia, Denmark to name a few. The UT division is split up among 3 battalions (1st battalion (Europe), 3rd battalion (Australia) and 4th battalion (US)). This is done to help with practices with people in your geographic area for time zone reasons. Each battalion has at least two organized/scheduled practices per week.

    I invite you to go to our website and check us out. Join in the fun and learning.

    Thanks, and frag you later

    Major Sevendeuce UT Division, 4th Battalion

    We are always recruiting, looking for the worst of the worst and the best of the best. We don't discriminate based on skill level, or any other aspect.

    Come Get your Frag ON! with TAW.

    Major SevenDeuce