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    Originally posted by NovaZzZ View Post
    I laughed out loud to this. First, I wasn't on yesterday, or in fact, not at all within the past week and a half. Secondly, in what, the pc? Third, Your in game name is... Seinfeld I'm guessing?
    Maybe someone aliased your name with utcomp? All I know is, I saw your name.

    To answer your third question. No.

    My name is Apex.


      I've had my name aliased before by a vehicle player I kept killing in a tdm server. I think he likes me.


        oops... really? activation? sorry, just hate EA in general...

        Originally posted by Moving_Target View Post
        You mean Activision's COD.

        I agree with the gist of what you said though, first person shooters generally work better on the PC. Mods are a major reason I've kept playing UT so long.
        yeh... sorry... wrong company, Call Of Duty, 15 bucks for 5 maps, yeh right~ call it the "Stimulate" package, more like bonus for the developer team! I even herd that they put several "old, COD4 maps" in that thing too! talk about cut backs eh? how many maps do we UT players get in our CBPs? WAY MORE~!!!! AND THEY ARE FREEEEEEEEEE~~~~~~!!!!!!! (look what i am saying... should convert the thread title to "UT PRIDE!!! VS other sh!tty FPS...AND WHY")

        Yeh, sorry about that EA thing, every time I think about crappy games, EA came to mind, never forgive them killing my favorite series C&C, with the generals, WTF was that game?? stereotyping unbalanced RTS game, lame...

        The ONLY title that I like of EA is probably DeadSpace, which i have on PS3, HELLA SWEET GAME! but no like asteroids shooting part (the ONLY down of that game)


          Originally posted by Ā»TheHitManĀ« View Post
          I'm tired of you saying UT3 is dead... please go back to the CSS forums thanks
          Whether you want to admit it or not the game is dead in UT standards. There is less than 1000 people on at a time usually, that defines a game that is dead. Yes the gametype you like might have people in it so you always find a game, but other people for other gametypes are not as lucky. Stop acting like everything is fine when both of UT3's legs have been ripped off.

          *EDIT* Also quit dissing CSS or any other FPS out there because you do not like them. You do know that you can play with respawn instantly times on those games right? Just cause you don't like them doesn't mean they are bad games.


            I have both PC and PS3 but I fully endorse 360 bros to keep the game on. Send a letter bomb to MS for quashing mod support if you fancy a life in prison... :-p