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    I love the game, I've been playing for over two years... in the last nine months my DM win average is around 25-5 or less, so to up the pace I've turned to dueling.

    However, the only players I ever come across are US guys with a ping of under 40. ie I played a 'forceof' player this morning on an FNA US server, out of 10 duel servers that was the only server with people on it. I played three full matches and I got one kill, not because I sucked (well obviously I did to a degree) but partly because my ping was 220 and in, duel, split second firing/timing is crucial.

    ...I don't know what's more annoying, playing against easy targets or playing against someone better than you who has a ping under 40? ...those two scenarios are just seem to be more and more frequent lately.

    I know I'm at the rock bottom of any dueling table and the only way to improve is to play a better opponent, but how can you improve when the odds are clearly stacked against you?

    lol... rant over

    You can't find European UT3-PS3 players at all, or is it just DM?


      heheh... I was moaning about there not being enough UK (and to an extent EU) players in Duel.

      I may give it a break for a few weeks...


        There are some euros that do play duels. Not sure of you knew but try heading over

        That site has a small community for ut3 ps3