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UT3 question for Windows 7

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    Originally posted by barondro View Post
    Planning to upgrade to Win 7. Cannot decide if to go for 32 or 64 bit.
    The benefits of 64 are:
    - having access to more than 4 gigs of ram (I have only 4) so not much improvements there.
    - programs designed for 64 bit run better (there isn't plenty of them) so that wouldn't be a turning point reason either.

    -driver (not)support, possible glitches.

    What version have you been running Blue?
    I have 64bit running and my rig is 2 years old. I had got 8 gigs RAM (overkill


      Originally posted by Masaai_Warrior View Post
      Thats because your GTX was good enough to max out UT3. My biggest improvement in UT3 came from when I upgraded from a dual to a quad processor (E6600 to Q6700).

      However, GFX wise, you should find that you can whack your AA levels up to previusly un-obtainable settings with the 5870 than the 8800 GTX (depending on your resolution).

      This is true, UT3 simply is not using all that vram and gpu capability, also worth repeating earlier posts here- what UT3's producer posted on BU around launch time:

      "The negative perf posts were from people who hated the CPU bound nature of the rendering. Namely, even at 1920x1200 we weren't maxxing out a single NVIDIA 8800 pipe. All these guys who SLI'd them thought there was some issue when their performance didn't increase when they enabled the second card."

      This suggests that an Epic, built for PC game , a game not hamstrung by the limiting old tech in consoles, one that could use all that vram/gpu capability and DX11 features, would blow people away. A PC game developed exclusively for Fermi(obviously this won't happen) would probably be of borderline CGI movie quality level.

      Alas, the only reason for PC gamers to buy the latest graphics cards these days seems to be for bragging rights and running obscure DX11 bench marking utilities or poorly optimized ported games. I mean, 2K games have just released Bioshock 2 for PC and the textures are allegedly of lower res than their first game from 2 1/2 years ago . Their CGI pre rendered launch trailer is incredible tho - if the real time gameplay did actually look that good, everyone would be eager to upgrade. rant over