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    Missing body - only visible body | X.E.N.O.


    My team mate have weird problem with her body. She can see only her model head, hands and same happen to us, too. Her X.E.N.O. model doesn't show body to her and either to us.

    I have tryed to help her to update latest graphic card drivers (nVidia 9500/ 196.21) and check that her custom character is installed correctly. Didn't find any mistakes.

    I use this X.E.N.O. model too and to me it shows correctly. Now funny part. She can see my model correctly.

    What I haven't done yet is I haven't ask does she installed latest patch 5 aka v2.1 or does she sure have latest DirectX 9.0c from August 2009.

    Or could there be other mistake? nVidia 9500 just don't support custom characters? Ah, almost forgot. On server maxcustomchars are set to 20, max players same and now changed her utgame.ini similar: from 12 to 20. But this didn't help.

    I am ready to believe that nVidia 9500 graphic card doesn't support custom models, but she have sent screenshot where my model shows correctly. So, help us!

    I'm thinking it's either a patch issue, or it's her specific combination of body parts that cause the "invisibility" bug.

    If she doesn't see her body but she sees your body, and you see your body but you don't see her body, then the problem is not her computer. I know that with stock models, there are some custom configurations (swapping faction parts) that result in invisible parts.

    Ask her to try a different body part (the same you use).



      Yeah, it's an odd and annoying bug. I'm pretty sure I see many partially rendered stock characters from time to time. I found that I get this bug much more often with certain nVidia drivers than others (older ones, thankfully). When I do get this error, the only partially rendered (stock) skins that I see are robot skins... and my skin is that of a robot as well if that matters. It's incredibly stupid having to kill some other player with only a pair of razer-like ears as a tip off that they even exist. Also, my bug only seems to happen to players on the opposing team. Toggling the 2 Custom Character options in-game seems to have no affect at all...

      Any thoughts? I've pretty much confirmed everything in my post through observation, and I believe this to be a bug with conditions unique to every player but sometimes with overlapping similarities between certain systems that contribute to shared rendering glitches.


        Sometimes it s connection problem too. I ve already seen invisible pp and after reconnecting they were normal.


          I agree with ctr2yellowbird that I have seen invisible bugs with stock robot skins, too. I agree with Pemphigus that huge ping could be reason for model loading, but I think UT3 server, or client, work way that it doesn't load your model if joining at middle game; not at start. Early UT2004 had some value to set either "precache loading" models or let them load during game. Read: little lag spikes during the game then, if enabled.

          But back to my mate. She upgraded to latest DirectX 9.0c August 2009 version and installed after patch4 and Titan pack the latest UT3 patch5 aka v2.1. What I did extra I took off bloom effects, if 1280 x 1024 resolution is too much with nVidia 9500 and AMD X2 5500+ CPU. All this doesn't work to X.E.N.O. models body invisible bug. She tryed other series of X.E.N.O. models and had same bug. New Hel skin seems to work nice.

          But she is wonderful person and can live with this bug. Hel skin seems to work most of times correctly.

          It was nice hint that she could try with other components insde model. I didn't even thouht this. Thanx. We try next this. Thank you for your helpful answers.

          EDIT: This default settings by X.E.N.O. model worked to her. No bug. ;-) But if changing model boots, the bug comes there. Seems that the bug is at boots. Torso, helmet and arms can change, but not boots. Or it could be the order how you change this. She is happy with this now.


            EDIT. Nevermind, didn't see your edit.