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    Originally posted by Warped_Out View Post
    Hey 529, 213, whatever,
    213 is fine, that's all I use in game.

    Originally posted by Warped_Out View Post
    Even though you have a mouse capable of 500 or 1000 ms polling. It does not mean, that you might get increased sensitivity or reaction time.
    That's not entirely accurate. While you don't get increased sensitivity or reaction time, you do get an increase in times the mouse polls at on the pad.

    i.e. If you move your mouse 1" and say a mouse at 125Hz reports 125 times within that 1 inch vs a mouse that polls 500 times in that same inch, there is a 200+% increase in the amount of reports to the system of where that mouse is. Though this point is really moot compared to the big picture.

    I thought gargorias was trying to make a connection between mouse input lag with fps lag where I was saying that, first, the majority of input lag comes from frames per second rendered > 3-4ms. The rest of the expeirience in the game-play beyond 3-4ms sufferes; i.e. input lag: character movement, mouse movement, etc. This is my overall experience in it. I notice it, most will not notice it, or have an effect on their overall game experience but when you play on a server as tough in competition as the Viper servers, every ms counts.


      Originally posted by UTPlayer529th View Post
      I was curious on what type of fps you get on lowest detail settings rather than high detail mode in that particular SS of DM Shrift.
      Believe it or not looking at around the same spot I get relatively the same FPS as on high settings, only AA seems to effect the FPS.

      It's like what I always say these high end video cards are a waste of time for those who aren't interested in the higher screen resolutions and AA, its there where they show there real prowess while others fall in a heap.

      Here take a look at this:

      and this:


      If your only going to be using that screen mode 1280x1024 and no AA or eyecandy then IMHO it wouldn't be worth your while to upgrade.
      You probably will not see a very large FPS gain.
      Anybody else concur with me?


        That depends on if the person that is upgrading, is just doing it for UT3. This game is not near as demanding as some other titles, and some of those titles will require more power. When I upgrade my system, I never do it for just one game. That would be a waste in my opinion. I do it more for the longevity of my systems ability to play games at higher resolutions with eye-candy, and to keep my bottom FPS at 60 minumum. In some titles to achieve this, a lower resolution may be required with AA levels turned down or off alltogether.


          I forget what map I was playing but I had a constant 2.89ms report. And the game absolutely flew. The server was full. I couldn't believe how smooth the game felt. It was smoother than Campgrounds. And ususally when players start entering an empty map im in, the ms to render increases. It was a beautiful experience. That's what brought me to post this thread. Cause after I noticed that, I kept an eye on other maps. Like CP Solar where I was getting around 4-7ms, then when jarred777 came in and Templer,... well a few other players joined, I was noticing 13ms' appearing and then the input lag started to become more noticable.



            if I'm reading your situation right, both your cpu and gpu are completely up to par for your res and game settings.

            The advantage I see you gaining is in considering a different monitor. There are new lcd 120hz 22 inch units that can render a true 120 unique frames per second. Higher frame rates all but eliminate visible tearing. The other route, which can be cheaper, is to look on craigs list for a larger crt that can hit some pretty high refresh rates up in the 160hz range. This will reduce input lag more than any other option you may look at.

            Additionally, with a much higher refresh like 160hz, you could actually run vsync with almost zero lag penalty. this would be possible since the crt would able to render 3 frames in the time it took an lcd screen to draw 1, that and crt monitors have less input lag at identical refresh rates as lcd screens. This is my understanding.

            Nvidia cards in the "3d settings" tab, allow you to choose the number of pre rendered frames. The default is set at 3. I like it at 0. This way, you are never viewing an old frame that was drawn in advance. Anyway, this is what I would be looking at if I had your system, which is quite nice by the way!


              Thanks DWM

              The sad thing is it's not my game rig. It's setup to be an AVCHD editing machine. I've got another i7 920 D0 rig waiting to be built. It's my hobby. Ill overclock the game rig. Sad thing is, it probably won't improve my game - haha It's going to be a killer rig. If you don't mind my e-peen; 760 Classified, DDR3 2000, Corsair Obsidain 800D case, maybe a h20 loop .... it'll be built & done by 2012, LOL

              I've considered plugging my old 19" crt in, but it really leaves me little room. It would put me 1' away from the screen. And all my yrs in playing DOD i started to notice i would get headaches after 1-2hrs in front of the screen.

              Lately the servers have been fantastic!

              On a side note, I've been getting SYN Flood attacks and changed my modem firewall to block out the port range so things somewhere are making my UT3 gaming experience better.

              I can't remember what map I was on but even with a full server, my ms fps rendering time stayed below 3 and it was great. On Deck i'm constantly > 7ms and it feels choppy; even with a low amount of players so even though my system might be in the mainstream with my resolution I say there can never be overkill hardware for UT3 When the 5970's drought ends and the prices drop from the Fermi (nvidia cards) launch, I'm going to seriously consider the biggest video card purchase i'll ever want to make....

              Where have you been, haven't seen you in a few days, enjoying the holidays!?!?

              Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year