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    thx for your answer thelegacy. I will add some maps for testing

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    We pug similar map in #ut3pugs, although our pugs dont happen that often. We have a pug version of precision that we made that I can give you. Another good map is dm-losttemple. One map we're currently testing is dm-nitroIII-alpha (there are some bugs in it), intrepid-alpha (also a good map but still alpha and developer is not working on it anymore, nonetheless, its a really fun tdm map). We're also testing abandoned_playtest (its not finished yet, the roofing and lighting is still being worked on). And liandri-classic. You can download them here. I would recommend intrepid-alpha, its really fun

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    thats a good initiative

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    some tips added

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    new maps added. what maps do people play beyond Europe for TDM(4v4 and 2v2)? we are looking for a new maplist for next cups and pickups

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    Q:what we are doing there?
    A:we are the group of pepole who like playing in unreal tournamnet 3. we make a community.

    Q:what exactly we play?
    A:we usually play TeamDeathMatch 4v4 Normal Weapon, but like i said, this is community channel and u can find there some spam about others gametypes, like: duel, ctf, war

    Q:how can i join?
    A:u need to dowload IRC client and join to channel #ut3.tdm on the server @QuakeNet

    Q: how bind weapon throw with some TXT?
    A: it is very easy way:
    1)make sure, that they key u want to set is unbound
    2)open utinput.ini
    3)go to section [Engine.PlayerInput] and add
    Bindings=(Name="your key",Command="throwweapon| teamsay weapon dropped")
    4)go to section [UTGame.UTPlayerInput] and add
    Bindings=(Name="your key",Command="throwweapon| teamsay weapon dropped",Control=False,Shift=False,Alt=False)

    Q: how connect to the server?
    A: start game, open the console and paste:
    open u will recieve complete ip before each game
    for spectator
    open ly=1

    to be continued....

    usefull commands for start:
    !add [colour] - Adds you to the gather, or change team.
    !rem - Removes you from the gather.
    !status - Shows the current teams and the map with most votes.
    !maps - Shows a list of available maps to vote on.
    !vote <map> - Vote for the map to be played.
    !gameover - Use this command when the game is played.
    !top10 [N] - Show the top 10 gather players. If N is specified, shows from Nth top player.
    !lastgame - Shows when the last game was played.
    !promote - Promotes others to join the gather.

    required files:
    ut3 game
    ut3 Patch 5
    titan pack


    current maplist (Most Popular):

    (*) - copy folders (Config and Published ) into ...\My Games\Unreal Tournament 3\UTGame
    (**) - custom maps - after downloading, put them into ...\My Games\Unreal Tournament 3\UTGame\Published\CookedPC\CustomMaps


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  • started a topic UT3 4v4 Pickup channel

    UT3 4v4 Pickup channel

    everyone who plays ut3 and have irc and is from europe join #Levi.pickup @quakenet channel for 4v4s nomal weapon TDM