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EPIC support UT3 PS3 more?we still play!

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    EPIC support UT3 PS3 more?we still play!

    I wonder why didnt the UT3 ps3 game didnt get alot of advertise? like gears of war 1 and 2, if there both from the genious minds of EPIC? was it because ps3 was not that famous back then? I think if they would do a campaign addon with new maps guest characters from other EPIC's famous games it would sell alot and it would get the respect this gamedeserves.

    PS. why dont we have crouch?
    98=MODS installed.
    34% Trophies unlocked.

    show some support for the PS3 here:

    Hopefully once it is tested it will be on the mod browser. It is a great bunch of maps.


      Hey, it's up to us to support UT3 PS3. The best thing you can do is consistently download mods and play online. Heck, you can even set up your own dedicated servers if you want. It's not Epic's job to provide more maps from this point on, it's up to the modders.

      Epic has already supported UT3. They went above and beyond my expectations with the Titan Pack.


        In 2007, PS3 wasn't in many homes, comparatively. It didn't gain steam until the drop to $399..... now it's $299 with 4* the HDD space as the original $399 model and Blu-Ray is now becoming more and more popular, with more and more homes with HDTVs everyday...

        EPIC has supported the **** out of this on PS3, when it would have been easy to say "forget about UT3, let's focus only on XBOX and Gears 2"...
        .. Personally, Ithink the initial association with Gears hurt UT3 to the casual gamer or newer console gamer who didn't know about the Unreal franchise... to those who didn't know Unreal or even really what a game engine was, they thought, "same guys that made Gears, same game engine as Gears, look the guy on the box looks like Marcus Fenix with a Red Locust suit on.... it must be like Gears.... Yah! PS3 Gears....WTF? This isn't Gears!!!!"...

        I know a few people that I had to try to explain that it was a totally different game,but when they expected the typical game speed with giant detailed third person characters on-screen and chainsaw anims, etc....then they get Speedy Gonzales, no time to camp or cover... "what is this impact hammer thing it just pushes people back...WTF?" LOL... they still don't know how to use the hammer
        ...And people thaT expected Gears were completely dissapointed and because they were expecting one thing, they weren't quick to give Unreal the chance it deserved... My friends all came around and love this game now... some just by playing with me... others not until much later when I addeda bunch of Gears like game mods to slow it down and make it look like Gears, then all of a sudden, it was a good game..... then, you know what happened.... they would inevitably turn it on while I was in the washroom or something, not know how to mod it and end up playing the game stock..... and now, that's the only way they want to play it... "Why haven't we always played it fast?"
        ... and I just laugh

        I feel sorry for the Gears fans that didn't give this a chance becasuse it wasn't Gears.... The original Gears of War dropped my mouth wide open and I bought an XBOX 2 days after Gears came out.... I'm pretty well known for my Gears-themed UT3 videos, so ya, I love Gears...
        ...That having been said, Unreal is the superior franchise and I can't wait for UT4... Gears 3, meh...

        If EPIC just gave us mod support, that would be more than enough and quite frankly, more than any other company has given me... the rest just bash me wallet to the tune of 5-7 bucks for a couple new maps that most people won't have anyway....
        ...on top of that, they added splitscreen, a mappack, the Titan pack, PS3 sound tools, in-game mod-browser for those that might not be as computer saavy... and maybe more that I'm forgetting. I can't applaud them enough...that's why I bought UT3 new for PS3 on launch day, bought a new copy for PC, and I justbought a new copy from future shop for $20 because I know a buddy will buy itfrom me after Christmas when he'll be looking for a copy for his new PS3, but also because I don't want him to have to buy a used copy.... at this point in the game it might not matter, but when a company does a good job with their game, you owe it to them to buy new... it doesn't help them when youbuy used.....

        I have like 550 trophies, and I'm not a trophy ***** (maybe a trophy fluzie, lol) I just play a lot of games.. I buy a lot, and I have a Blockbuster Gold Rewards memebership, that I coincidentally got for free for renting soo many games to begin with... If there's a gun to shoot inthe game, I've played it..... I play the hell out of MW2 right now... but will I be playing it still in 2 years? not likely... nor is it likely that I'll start up a website and a forum for the game..... or shoot youtube videos... or answer countless questions in email about the game...... But I have for UT3... and the love affair is still alive 2 years later.
        Rant over


          Originally posted by euchreplayer23 View Post
          show some support for the PS3 here:

          Hopefully once it is tested it will be on the mod browser. It is a great bunch of maps.
          These are very good news =) I tried to contact Herbyg regarding the Mod-Browser but i did not get any response, it would be very nice if the Mod-Browser will get the one or other update in near future.

          It's true, UT3 is well alive on PS3, i play almost daily and have no problems to find well visited servers. Me and friends would love to see the Mod-Browser will get some support again. There are so many fantastic usermade maps.

          Please epic, continue your support for UT3 PS3, your loyal customers will always play UT.


            BTW, if you look for some new content for your PS3 UT3 go here:

            I assembled quite a few new maps and stuff

            Have fun.

            On a side note: I am looking for someone to help me adding maps for the UT3 PS3 section, would you be interested?
            PM me or email me at



              I feel that I should start a "support UT3 X360 more!" topic sheesh, good thing you guys get some stuff at least


                Yes! UT3 PS3, the game feels like it was actually made for that console! It freakin' pwns, I bought it in February 2008, had it in hands even before the official release date and I'm still playing it on and on, hardly need anything else. This is the best thing for PS3. On PC it just doesn't feel so good.

                Hopefully Epic and the community will support it for a long time to come! But my respect goes to the Epic guys already because they've brought uns the massive titan pack and the splitscreen feature in a patch, this was the move that really made the PS3 version the best of all three for me!

                Full support for PS3 players! Thanks to you, it still rocks


                  Originally posted by Stromboli View Post

                  ...on top of that, they added splitscreen...
                  Why they added the splitscreen when you cant play online with splitscreen even on a lan server? on top of that no control and character configuration for the secund player the others thing are good but, talking of the splitscreen... I reserve my commentaries