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'Friends' for UTIII PS3 Needed

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    head over to

    site is practically dedicated to ut3 ps3

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  • started a topic 'Friends' for UTIII PS3 Needed

    'Friends' for UTIII PS3 Needed

    Most contacts on my list (PS3) I met through other games. I have never seen any of them play UTIII. So I need some buddies to play with.

    Now, I'm definitely no expert. I admit, I use to play UT (the original) on the pc like ten years ago. Even most shooters are impossible for me to play longer than 20 mins, I get the sickness. Thanks to improvements and my discovery of ginger pills, I can finally play. Now the console is quite different, and mostly I just end up playing the offline campaign.

    So, just add me : CaptnWar
    ... I only have PS3.