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Server Idle time before you are kicked

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    Good info hear.

    Looks like 5 minutes, maybe 6 at the outset would be best. Enough time for a drink or toilet break, not too long as to cut off from most map DL's or screwing the team over.


      Thanks to Cannon for getting your responses. We're going to set the idle time to 6 minutes on the Greed #1 server to test it out for a while. Please feel free to post your comments.

      Thanks guys.

      The server will need a restart and it's full right now, so look for this to happen later today.


        The main prob is what taffy mentioned.IF the server has no custom maps 6 mins are enough.It even helps with the ghost prob i hope(better 6 mins than the whole round ,almost).

        I really though support some custom content.2-3 maps for a month or so(till most of the usuals in the server get em) n then 2-3 more n so on. The same maps make some of the veterans (counting time since they started to play ut3 =veterans) players bored by now.

        When customs are present 6 mins might not be enough.In a fast redirect i dload pretty fast but i see others with better pings n connection when in the server that need more time to dload.DM maps are faster to get.WARFARE maps are bigger dloads though.

        Unless we get a bonus map pack from Epic(that all servers will use) we NEED the custom content as a community.

        Another way is to ask Santa (being a good boy n all :P ) to add the "dont see dloading players as active in the server" in the patch i asked from him for XMaS present.

        I think the server wont see you as an active player when you 1st join it, on a map that you dont have.When you change maps from a server that u were already in n you dont have the map u r in as a ghost.Correct me if im wrong.


          Thanks Flak.

          I am sure the EPIC servers regulars will appreciate the idle kick time.