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    Uhm. i Just wanted so say favos are working for me.. And the post got deleted, awesome


      For me, it worked just fine.


        I am still seeing this, and I have nothing in my favorites. It might be related to servers in my history... Just had it occur a moment ago. But the server (pfarrers church tdm) is active with players on it, seeing it 9999 no players.
        *edit - The "Hedsteem * All Custom" VCTF server is showing that way as well for me right now.


          We have several people that can't see our servers in the main browser at all. The only way they can connect is through the IP. One of them even deleted all his config files and re-installed the game but still nothing. This has been going on since Gamespy's last maintenance. I have all our servers in my favorites and even deleted and re-added them and most of the time they come up 9999. One of my friends is from England and she can't see any of our servers in the browser and has to follow me through the in game friends list. If I join the server when my favorites says 9999 to her it looks like I'm not on the server. If I disconnect and keep refreshing until the server shows a ping then join she can see that I'm on and can follow. I don't see how this can be a client side issue. We didn't have this problem before Gamespy's maintenance. Flak please send them what I posted here so we can get this issue resolved once and for all.


            Corporate is probably a bot.

            Advertising in his signature - that says all.